Open floor plans in a commercial building

Open Floor Plans in a Commercial Building | All You Need to Know

It’s almost impossible to do a remodeling project in this day and age without the mention of the open floor plan. It has been rapidly gaining traction in both residential and commercial designs, proving, in more ways than one, to be the better option (than the traditional closed office plan).

Gone are the days of dark conference rooms and claustrophobic cubicles. By opening up the space, you get to create an airy, more conducive work environment for your employees. It’s also been associated with improved communication in the workplace, heightened creativity, and an overall enhancement of company culture.

Thinking of redesigning our office or corporate space, here are a few commercial open floor plan ideas you can use.

Open area workstations

As the area where your employees will be spending most of the time, this is the section where you should dedicate the most attention.

The most popular way of opening up the space is setting up pavilion workstations or semi-closed desks. By eliminating the boundary walls, this model creates the impression that there is more workable room around. At the same time, employees get to interact freely and share ideas.

For best results, you want to incorporate textured floor fabric or felt tiles to reduce noise. Each workstation also needs to be comprehensive, with a desk, chair, and cabinetry so employees can feel like they still own their space.

Glass walls

Even with the open floor plans, you will likely still need to create distinctions between sections in the office. A good way to do this is by using glass walls. They will allow all that good natural light in, which retains that open feel in the space.

You can also use glass walls to enclose private rooms like conference rooms or senior-level employee offices. Feel free to use more translucent material, or set up curtains if you want to keep things more exclusive.

Create a community section

This is a segregated open space where employees can hang out during their free time or have lunch and unwind. It can also be an ideal spot to host company events and parties.

You want to make this space as creative and cozy as possible. To make it complete, feel free to furnish it with comfortable seats, couches, gaming tables, and vending machines.

Open up meeting places

Another rising trend among modern businesses is creating open, booth-like spaces where small groups of people can hold meetings and collaborate. The advantage here is that it is less suffocating than the traditional conference room. People can get to share their ideas in a more relaxed state.

Other things you should consider

By now, you have an idea of what sections to include in your corporate office space. However, there are a few things you can consider as you design your open floor plan that will increase the usage of space and efficiency of operations. They include:

  • Make your spaces multi-purpose – If possible, maximize on space by using each space for more than one function. This limits the need for many unnecessary separate regions, taking up a lot of space. It will come in handy should you choose to expand in the future.
  • Eliminate redundant spaces –  Limit the areas you include in your floor plan to only the most necessary. Any space that serves a similar function to another should be removed.
  • Consolidate all common areas in one area  – This includes any areas that share common resources, such as washrooms, which need plumbing. It would be easier to have them in one section and set up just one plumbing core to serve them all.
  • Create one major storage area – If not well organized, storage can take up a whole lot of space in your building. Creating one main storage space instead of multiple spaces distributed around the building will go miles in freeing space.
  • Create a flow between stations – This mainly relates to how people move within the building. You want there to be a smooth transition between sections in the building in a way that accommodates the foot traffic. For instance, employees should be able to Seamlessly move from their workstation to the community section without having to go through the manager’s office. If the space is open to the public, a public-area section should be set aside in a way that people can come and go without interfering with regular operations.


There’s no denying the benefits an open floor plan brings to the table. Hopefully, with a few of the ideas above, you’ll get to create something beautiful with your space. The key here, however, is to use the limited space you have wisely. Always start by laying out your plan and then trim out any unnecessary sections.

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