How You Can Prep For a Painter Bros Visit

As you may have realized by now, hiring a professional painting service is, by far, the best option if you want a clean paint job. It not only saves you time but the headache of having to figure out painting yourself.painting setup for house interior

But even after appointing the most skilled professional service out there, there are a few crucial things you can do beforehand to ensure that the job moves along smoothly. Whether it is simply moving furniture aside or covering your valuables with plastic wrapping, a little prior preparation can go miles in making painting day a success.

Let’s take a look at some essential preparations you can make.

painting setup for house interior

Clear the space and walls before the visit

Your first move should be to clear the space of anything you don’t want to get paint on. This includes

  •         Any mirrors, wall decorations, artwork, and photos that have been hung
  •         Curtains and blinds, furniture or expensive rugs and fabrics in the room
  •         Mattresses, beds, or dressers (you can move them to a spare room if you want your bedroom painted)
  •         Nails sticking out from walls
  •         Lighting fixtures (For permanent fixtures, you can cover them up with tape and plastic).

If you can’t move the furniture to a different room, an excellent alternative is to move everything to the center of the room and then cover it up with plastic.

Make plans to have the family and pets away for the day

Now, depending on the scale of the operation, the painting project can take a considerable amount of time. The last thing you need on top of that is kids and pets running around, leaving handprints on wet paint. Also, the fumes are generally not safe to be inhaled by people.

Instead, you can arrange for the kids or pets to stay with a friend or neighbor. It will ensure that the job goes faster and is finished on time.

Carefully store away your valuables

Now, besides the furniture or fixtures on your walls, there are a few select things that you may hold dear. It might be statues, family heirlooms, or antiques that might need extra protection.

In this case, you can consider taking up a temporary storage room. If you have additional room, like an attic or basement, you can safely store them there instead. Be sure to set them up in moisture-free regions and cover them with plastic or sheets to reduce dust or debris from accumulating.

Thoroughly clean your surfaces

Besides clearing the space, you have to ensure that the surfaces being painted are clear of any dust or debris. If you don’t clean the surface, the paint might not adhere well to it. And after a short while, the paint will eventually peel off.

The good thing is that debris like pet hair, sawdust, or dust can be easily wiped off using a microfiber cloth. Anything tackier like grease can be washed off using water and soap.

Of course, this is just a precaution in your end. Professional painting services like Painter Bros will make sure to thoroughly clean and prepare any surface before applying the first coat of paint. We’ll also fill any holes and cracks so the surface remains smooth and doesn’t crack in future.

Still, by doing a little cleaning yourself, you get to save a bit of time come painting day. This way, the crew can focus less on cleaning and more on actually painting. Additionally, make sure you clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner so there is no risk of dust being blown on the paint before it dries.

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Now, you might have checked all the boxes above and even done the best surface preparation possible, but your efforts are futile if you don’t get the right guy for the job.

At Painter Bros, we can comfortably say that we are that guy. Our primary goal is to provide the utmost value to our clients, always leaving behind a beautiful, satisfactory space. We have expansive knowledge of everything that goes into painting and will work hand in hand with you to develop a stunning design that will stand the test of time.

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