Stain Your Deck Like a Pro

You don’t need a lumberjack to tell a good deck from an outstanding one. At a glance, a well-maintained deck will almost instantly catch your attention. You get that rustic wooden charm that glistens in the sun. That opens its arms to you as if to welcome you to your abode.

And the secret to all this, you ask? Well, a nice stain, of course!

But it’s not just about aesthetics; staining your deck is essential in home maintenance. It keeps your wood protected from the elements like rain or snow. This way, your deck maintains its appeal all year round. Not to mention, cleaning stained wood is a breeze.

We understand that staining your deck can be daunting if you are doing it for the first time. But worry not. Painter Bros has got you covered. In this article, we shall guide you on how to repair and stain your deck to get long-lasting results. Let’s dive right in.

stain a deck

1.   Prepare your deck

Like any other painting endeavor, start by getting your deck prepped up for the stain. And this means cleaning it thoroughly. A clean surface will allow the stain to better soaks in and cure.

As you clean, you want to avoid anything too rough, like a pressure washer. When in the high-pressure setting, it might end up damaging the boards. Rather, you can use a mop and hose to wash away the dirt residues. Once done, let it completely dry. Then sand any areas that appear rough.

This is also the stage where you scout the deck looking for anything that might seem out of place and removing them. They include:

  •         Broken screws or nails that are above the surface
  •         Chipped wood
  •         Broken or warped wood pieces

2.   Apply protective on your exterior walls and stir your stain

Once your deck is sanded, dry and ready for the stain, it is time to cover up any areas you don’t want to be stained. Focus more so on the areas where the top of your deck meets the wall.

Next up, stir up your stain. For this:

  •         Place your stain gallon on top of a drop cloth to avoid unnecessary spills
  •         Use a paint stirrer to stir the stain(make sure it properly mixes)
  •         Pour your stain into a paint pad tray

3.   Stain your deck

Begin by picking up your paintbrush or hand roller and stain the corners and edges. You want to use long brush strokes while blending in as you move. Try and keep it consistent and finish up the edges before moving on to the larger areas of the deck.

When painting the wider, central areas, you can ditch the small paintbrush and use a roller brush, ‘lamb’s wool applicator or sprayer to apply the stain. As you dip your applicator in the paint tray, ensure that you pick up a moderate amount each time. As always, go with long strokes and blend in.

Ideally, it is best that you finish on the open edge, so you don’t end up painting into a corner. Whenever you notice too much wood stain in an area, you can use a brush to blend or fix the imperfection.

4.   Wait for the stain to dry

Waiting for the stain to dry is almost as important as the staining itself. For a smooth finish, wood needs at least 24-48 hours to dry. However, the figure varies with the wood in question, as well as, the humidity and temperature in your location.

For best results, give it a bit more time before replacing any furniture on the deck.

Extra tips

  •         Apply thin coats – Always apply your stain in thin coats. It prevents the formation of puddles and ensures the stain actually soaks into the wood. For an even more finish, make sure you apply a second coat.
  •         Match your stain to your wood – If this is not your first time staining, make sure the stain you use is the same as the one already on the deck. The only exception is solid stain, which can be applied over a semi-transparent or clear stain.
  •         Use the right brushes – Synthetic brushes are best for water best stains. They are generally more compact and maintain their rigidity all through the process.

Take away

And there you have it folks! As you’ve witnessed, applying a stain on your deck is not exactly rocket science. You only need to prepare your deck appropriately, some good quality paint, a nice set of brushes and patience.

Of course, if this all seems like too much, and you’d rather save yourself the trouble, you can always leave it to the able hands of a professional painting service.

At Painter Bros, we’ve dedicated our existence to paint. We have the equipment and prowess to guarantee the stellar results you desire. For inquiries or bookings, feel free to contact us today and get a free quote.