How To – Paint a Room

Do you want to paint one of the rooms in your home? It will take some planning and hard work to achieve the look you want, but it can be done! Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to prep and paint on your own:

start up of painting a room

1. Clean and remove furniture. 

Painting can be messy work, and you don’t want to splatter or stain your valuable possessions during the project. Before you even open your first paint can, remove as much furniture from the room as you can. If you can’t remove a piece of furniture, cover it with a sturdy cloth that you don’t mind getting dirty.

2. Cover your door and window edges with painter’s tape. 

It’s especially important to protect your trimwork with painter’s tape, since one sloppy brushstroke could result in a paint mark you didn’t want.

3. Use drop cloths to cover the floor. 

Make sure the drop cloths you use are sturdy enough to protect your floor from any spills or splattering. Also, keep your drop cloths as flat as possible while you paint; you don’t want them to become a trip hazard!

4. Prime your walls.

Before you can start applying paint to your walls, you’ll likely need to apply a coat of primer. This is especially important if you’re changing the color from light to dark, or vice versa. Some products are “all-in-one” paint & primer, but for the most part, you’ll need to apply primer that’s separate from the actual paint. (Depending on the condition of your walls, you may also need to smooth out rough areas with sandpaper before putting the primer on.)

5. Paint your walls.

When you paint, work from the top of your wall to the bottom, focusing on one wall at a time. Use V or W-shaped strokes with your roller. Make sure that each coat of paint goes on as smoothly and evenly as possible.

6. Clean up!

After you’ve applied the last coat of paint, put up your tools, pull up your painter’s tape, and remove your drop cloths. And enjoy your room’s new look!

As you can tell, the basic steps to paint a room are not too difficult. However, if you don’t have the time or energy to take on this kind of project yourself, you can always reach out to the professionals at Painter Bros to do the job for you. Contact us today to learn more.