How to Improve Your Curb Appeal During Winter

How to Improve Your Curb Appeal During Winter

Curb appeal can best be understood as the way your house looks from the streets. It’s what people first see when they pass by and will likely be their first impression of you. If your curb appeal is outstanding, people will naturally stop and stare. Your house would be a thing of beauty … a landmark even, where folks pause and take a picture.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics; curb appeal can go miles in improving your home’s value. And this is crucial for anyone planning to sell their house. Potential buyers would be more likely to check inside if the outside looks attractive and clean. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, sometimes, you might lose curb appeal. Take winter, for example, when the dead grass is covered in frost, and the plants die. In this case, it can be a bit hard to maintain your home.

The good thing is that there are a couple of things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal during such times and all without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look.

Treat it to a little paint

Perhaps the simplest and most efficient way of adding curb appeal to your home is by giving it a new coat of paint. Paint has the power to transform your home in an instant and make it seem brand new.

Paint can be especially useful in breaking the paleness or of the cool, grey of winter. The secret here is to go with a bold color that makes the house stand out from the bleak surroundings. You can spruce it up by putting contrasting colors on the trims, shutters, and doors.

Remember, painting can get a little messy. And if you really want to achieve a seamless result, it is always best that you leave it to the professionals.

Light up the exterior

Exterior lighting is a great way of making your home appear safer. A couple of light bulbs set up strategically around the space will make it generally feel more secure to be around.

Also, since winter days tend to be short, your best bet will be to use the dark to your advantage. And exterior lighting will do this for you. Not only does it create a warm glow, but it makes your house appear more inviting and cozy.

Therefore, feel free to spread out small bulbs all around the property. You can get creative with it by setting up ice luminaries of different kinds to create radiant orbs of ice. If it’s closer to the festive season, you can suspend string lights to your trees or around your porch.

Update fixtures in porch and furniture

External features in your outdoors are another aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Whether it is something as simple as a mailbox, or a bird house and gazebo, you can make your curb appeal stand out by choosing one that is architecturally appealing or artistic. For instance, placing a brightly colored bird house will break the paleness of winter. It will accent your yard, not to mention the birds can be a plus.

Set up planters

Another great way of bringing some life to your home is by setting up some planters in front of your front door. Something like a small Christmas tree will hold up during winter while making your house look more welcoming.

External home maintenance

For your home to really be seen, it needs to appear neat. Therefore, regularly rake up any leaves and debris, clear snow from your driveway and gutter, or prune overgrown shrubs. Winter provides the perfect moment also to trim any overhanging tree limbs.

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So, whether you are looking to sell your house or you simply want to treat your home’s exterior to a little pizazz, the few tips above should get you on your way.  As you’ve seen, something as simple as a new coat of paint can go miles in boosting your curb appeal on its own. Of course, you’d be better off leaving such tasks to the professionals, which is what Painter Bros is here for.

For years, we’ve been servicing home exterior painting in properties all over the country. And thanks to our experience, we can offer expert advice on color selection and painting techniques, depending on the nature of your home and its design. It doesn’t matter if it is pale bleak winter or the bright hot summer; our guys are always up to the task. Ready to give your home a new lease of life? Contact us today, and let us do the rest.