Curb Appeal Increases Your Home’s Value


Yellow, blue, and red painted houses demonstrating curb appeal


There’s no impression like a first impression, whether it’s a job interview, meeting the parents for the first time, or buying, renovating or selling a home, first impressions matter. Yes, you heard it correctly, even your home is up for scrutiny if your curb appeal is not on point.


The Importance of Curb Appeal

Spring is here, and what better time to boost your home’s curb appeal? Boosting your home’s curb appeal adds value and can maximize your return on investment (ROI). If your house is for sale, your curb appeal can be the difference in whether a potential buyer will go stop and go inside or continue on driving past your property.

Curb appeal can hold the key to your home’s value and whether you get the maximum sale price or not. Are you aware that enhancing your outdoor living space can increase the value of your home by three to five percent, according to Consumer Reports?


Take a Look At This Formula For Eye Catching Curb Appeal

If you think about the components that are your home’s exterior and where you should focus your landscaping you can generally separate them into three categories:

  • Hardscapes — Your property consists of more hardscapes than you may think. Keeping your concrete clean is a good way to maintain your patio, driveway, sidewalk, and other surfaces.
  • Landscaping — Not keeping your lawn and garden well maintained can have a negative impact on not only your house, but your neighborhood as a whole.
  • Home exterior — Consider regular exterior house washing or pressure washing.


Four Curb Appeal Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value


  1. Pertaining To Painting

Painting gives your home a fresh new-look. Whether you decide to paint the whole house, or just paint the trim around the doors and windows, or the roof eaves and fences around your yard.


  1. Updating Doors and Details

Don’t forget about the front door and all the little details that help to create the curb appeal of your home. Consider updating your door with a pop of color by giving it a new paint job, or revamping the stairs. Clean or paint your shutters and add a unique door knocker and house number colors. Oh, and don’t forget to spruce up the mailbox and the backyard.


  1. Permanent Planters

Try adding permanent planters to beautify your entrance. Landscape yards and walkways that are maintained add value and beauty to your home. Charm your walkway for people walking up to your house, giving them the experience of clean asphalt, plants, steppers or flower beds.


  1. Add lighting

Outdoor lighting is highly effective at creating curb appeal for highlighting the architecture of the home, ground lights to accent greenery and porch lights for house number visibility


In Conclusion

At Painter Bros, we believe that the exterior of your home is the first impression, so it’s important to make sure that your home creates the right impression by contacting Painter Bros today, even if you just have questions about sprucing up your residential, commercial or government property’s exterior or interior painting needs, we’re here for you.


Our team of experts will help you take your curb appeal visions and bring them to fruition — our services even include repairing small outdoor surface damage to provide a smooth and professional exterior paint job.