ACCENTuating your home with an accent wall is like adding an exclamation mark to the end of a sentence. It adds excitement to the space without feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole room painted that color. This option can give the room an architectural feel that is lost by a “boxy” room. It can also be a great focal point for the specific wall you would like to be the center of attention.

When making this choice it is very important that you splash that paint on the right wall so that it doesn’t look out of place or awkward. Below are a few photos as evidence that accent walls can be a perfect choice!

In this picture red was chosen as an accent against a wall that is shared with a fireplace & TV. The red isn’t a bright or loud color but it is rich and deep which gives a homey feel to the space. It perfectly frames the fireplace and draws the eye to the warm fireplace.

Here is another example of using the wall behind a fireplace as an accent, but this time it is a bright blue against an otherwise bleak gray. The room looks modern, clean and professional.

A block of color is cool and all but it’s fun to spice things up with a pattern! In this nursery They used a color that is found already within the room in the accessories and furniture. It ties the whole room together and gives it a fun and exciting feel! Which is perfect for a new addition to a family!

When a room is filled with neutral elements it is fairly easy to choose a color that will go great as an accent wall. This person chose a nice calm green to bring an earthy vibe to the space. It doesn’t draw too much attention to itself but really aids in completing the package.

The bedroom is a popular place to do an accent wall. The best option is to paint the wall that will go behind the bed. It looks better if the bed has a nice headboard to go along with it so that it gives the wall some nice layers of color and draws your eyes to the nice comfy bed that awaits you every night.

Get creative with your accent wall! Come up with new patterns, colors or designs to add a unique taste to your home. We enjoy this picture as it is a nice welcome to their home. There is a lot of elements in such a small space but it doesn’t feel overwhelming or over the top. They did a great job utilizing a space that is more often overlooked.