Creative Color Ideas for Interior & Exterior

Creative Color Ideas for Interior & Exterior

Thanks to constant innovation and experimentation in the painting industry, there are now more colors than we know what to do with. But while this is a good thing, for the most part, it makes choosing one extremely daunting.

There are tons of online material where you can draw some inspiration from. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, for instance, offer some pretty good insights and can go miles in influencing your choice.

For best results, bundle together a couple of ideas, then narrow them down on a select few. But other than that, there are a couple of other tips that will help you with your selection for the interior or exterior of your commercial or residential property. Let’s take a look.

Interior Painting Color Ideas

Here are some tips for your choosing a color for the interior of your home. Check out Painter Bros Interior Painting for Homes!

Get creative with neutral paint colors

Neutral colors are always the safest colors you can choose. Muted tones such as beige or bright whites are not only calming and timeless, but they also blend well with almost any other color. One color that has been rapidly gaining popularity among house sellers is Putty taupe. It is incredibly complementary with other colors and stands along quite well.

Again, just because they are neutral doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Neutral colors offer an almost perfect backdrop for accents. Therefore, feel free to combine them with different color pallets that will keep your room not only looking stylish but at the same time relaxed.

For an elegant appeal, always go grey

Other than being practical and stylish, grey will go with almost anything. It comes out even more elegantly when you pair it with other minimalist colors like black and white.

The green effect

For a cosmopolitan yet sultry look, go with green. It works perfectly with walls, accessories and furniture. Additionally, due to its association with nature, green has been known to have a tranquil and refreshing effect on people. For a commercial building, it will make your brand easier to discover and trust.

Exterior Painting Color Ideas

Your property’s exterior is what give’s off the first impression about you. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose colors that are just interesting enough to make the place stand out without being overbearing. Check out our residential exterior painting services.

As we saw with green above, if you are a commercial property owner, you should be even more careful about your color selection. Here, your choice of color can influence the buyer’s emotion towards your products.

Observe the colors of nature

One major hack when choosing exterior colors is to consider the surrounding landscapes and then choose a color that blends best. A few outstanding natural colors include summer green, brown, red and shades of gold. Often these will look good on your house’s and boost your curb appeal.

Mix and match your colors

As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid using just one color to paint your whole house. For example, if you have gone with neutral colors, you can go for something more outstanding for your doors and window panes. This should break the monotony of a single color, and liven up the exterior look of your home.

Contact Painter Bros Today for Color Consulting Services

With all the amazing colors coming out every day, we understand how hard it can be settling on one. If you are completely clueless about which color to choose, try testing with all your favorite colors and observe how they look through the different times of the day.

It can also help to consult the professional opinion of a painter’s eye. And that is what we, at Painter Bros, are here for. For more information or painting services, contact us today and schedule an appointment.