Common Mistakes Made During Color Selection


Room with four squares of different color paint on the wall, with ladder and paint cans - Common Mistakes Made During Color Selection | Paint Color Decision Factors


One of the most challenging design decisions is choosing a color we need to live with for many years. We must imagine how the color will look when painted on the entire wall, envision how the hue will change in different lights, and consider trends and the environment. Once we make a slight mistake, it can be a nuisance to fix. Below are some of the things we don’t want to overlook when making a color selection.


Consider the Décor and Furniture of Your House

Before settling wall color, we want to think of the décor and furniture of the room and identify some paint colors that will ensure the hue works well with the existing theme of the furniture in the space. If possible, we try to avoid painting the room before we know what décor and furniture will be complimenting the walls. If we select the paint color before picking out the décor, we can back ourselves into a corner and really limit ourselves on the items that will match the room.


Take Time

Experts recommend taking time with colors before settling on which to paint on the walls. We want to observe every single color independently and determine how each color behaves with a change in natural light throughout the day. After the hue assessment, we consider trends.


Consider What’s Timeless

We try to avoid picking colors that are too bright or selecting a color based only on a current trend. We want to make sure that the chosen color is timeless for the environment. Most peoples’ favorite colors change frequently over a lifetime, so it may not be best to just go with the current fav. We want to pick a color that we have always, and expect to always, identify with.


Room Transition

We keep the entire house into account when selecting colors for individual rooms. We take note on how the colors interact with each other so the flow from one room to another makes sense and is a pleasing aesthetic.


To Close

There are many common, avoidable mistakes people make when it comes to selecting colors. Contact Painter Bros to speak with a color consultant and we can help you through the decision making process and project from start to finish.