Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Services

The success of your business will depend on the face of your company. If a customer feels comfortable in the space they are invited into they will more likely feel inclined to spend their time and money there. As a business ourselves we understand the importance to a customer that their business look professional and attractive. That’s why we offer our professional service! We have worked with several companies over the years who have entrusted us to enhance their business space. We also offer to work with you continually so that whenever your business is in need of a touch up we are there to fix it.

The way that your commercial property looks is a representation of your business as a whole. Updating the appearance of the interior and exterior of your commercial property can completely change the overall appearance of your business and attract more customers and more trust in your company’s name. Painter Bros is a professional painting company providing commercial painting services to businesses and commercial properties all across the country. Our team has built a reputation as trusted commercial painting contractors due to our dedication to providing high-quality painting services backed by exceptional customer support. With each project, our team goes above and beyond to provide an outstanding level of support and uses only high-quality paints and professional materials to provide a professional finish every time.

Commercial painting services from Painter Bros extend to a wide variety of commercial properties looking to update the look of their buildings. Schools, apartment buildings, businesses, hotels, and so many more call our team when they are looking for painting services that will get done fast and done right the first time around. Commercial painting projects require a disciplined approach that focuses on using the right tools and techniques to complete a large project efficiently and leave behind a professional finish. Painter Bros uses only high-quality paints and materials to ensure that our team of experts is equipped to provide painting services that provide a quality look and beautiful transformation.

Planning for Commercial Painting

Painter Bros understands that commercial properties are often under strict budgets and timelines to complete large painting projects. That’s why our team focuses on working closely with each client to ensure that we develop a clear project outline with an efficient timeline that ensures the project is completed in as little time as possible while also meeting our high standards. We work around your schedule and business needs to ensure a stress-free project flow. If you are in need of interior or exterior commercial painting services, contact the trusted name – Painter Bros – today!

We have outlined commercial painting best practices below to ensure you spend minimally on refurbishments in the long run. When considering your commercial painting project, use the following tips to guarantee a high return on investment.

Consider the Scope First

Before commencing your project, you need to have a clear picture in your head about the end product you want. A commercial setup may encompass more than one building, so you’ll need to know how many structures you want to be painted.

Touch Up vs. Repaint

Commercial business walls lose their luster due to damage done to the walls. The extent of the damage will determine if you need a touch-up or a complete makeover. If the damage on your walls is minimal and contained to a small area, then go for a touch-up.

Seriously Think About the Color

As your commercial structure is a place to conduct and bring in new business, the colors used on the interiors and exteriors should reflect this. Read some of our latest blogs to hear from our professional color consultants on commercial painting ideas and decorating tips:

Safety First

Inform your customers and employees about upcoming paint projects. Their safety is more important than getting the job done as swiftly as possible.

Additional Services

To ensure the success of your commercial painting project, additional services like sanding, caulking, proper stripping, restoration work, and pressure washing will come into play.


On average, your typical painting project should take anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months. But in reality, there is really no definitive answer or an exact time a project will last. A lot of factors can affect the time taken for a typical commercial project.

  • Amount of prior preparation
  • Quality of materials and paint used
  • Number of contractors and their experience level

Types of Commercial Coatings

  • Lacquer – Lacquers are clear coatings that are made using sap collected from the lacquer tree.
  • Polyurethane Coating – A polyurethane coating is a more viscous kind of polyurethane that you apply to a surface to protect it.
  • Varnish – Varnishes are clear transparent liquid coatings you apply to add a layer of protective coating to a surface.
  • Powder Coatings – Powder coatings are other commonly used types of coatings applied in dry powder form using spray applicators.
  • Primer – A primer or undercoat is basically a special kind of coat that you use to prepare a surface for a second coat.

How to Hire the Right Commercial Painters

When evaluating various painting companies near you, be sure to ask the following questions to ensure you are hiring the right commercial painters.

Are they good communicators?

When you contact a professional commercial painting company, they should respond at least within 24 hours. When talking to them, do they treat you with respect and professionalism? Are they ready to answer all your questions? A reputable commercial painter always takes time to discuss your needs and wants to help you know what to anticipate during the process.

Are they a licensed and insured painting company?

Reputable commercial painters should have proper insurance and licenses. This goes a long way in protecting their labor force as well as your property in case of any damage or accident.

Do they provide customer reviews or references?

Proficient commercial painters should be glad when you ask for references since they hint at what you are getting into. It’s also a sure indication that they are proud of their work.

Do they clean up after completing a job?

Honestly, painting can be messy. Notwithstanding, well-experienced painters will always do a complete clean-up once they are done. They are equipped with protective measures such as placing material coverings on furniture and floors.

Do they offer free estimates?

A professional commercial painter should be able and willing to provide a free and accurate estimate on your project. You should note that low prices do not always guarantee a quality product or job well done.

What types and brands of products do they use?

Reputable commercial painters use high-quality and state-of-the-art painting materials. They have a good relationship with their vendor and can access the suitable paints and coatings for your property.

What to expect from Painter Bros

Our professional commercial painters are thoroughly trained and experienced, so you can rest assured that the job is done on time and completed to perfection. Other benefits you stand to gain from our project management service include:

  • Broader knowledge of the field — Painter Bros contractors and painters have extensive experience in the field. They will help with decisions such as choosing the best color for your commercial space while considering the nature of your business, surroundings, and architectural style. We also have essential relationships with suppliers, thereby ensuring you get the best price and product.
  • Strategic approach — Following tried and tested painting procedures, these services seamlessly operate to produce high-quality results every time. Everything from paint preparation to clean up and disposal is well-coordinated, so you get exactly what you asked for.
  • Modern tools and equipment — The professionals at Painter Bros are also continually updating their tools and equipment with technology. This way, your building is subjected to the best treatment, so it gets that clean, spotless finish.
  • A more flexible approach — We strive to deliver according to your schedule. Our team is flexible so we can deliver on time and according to your budget.

Painter Bros Professional Painting Company

Painter Bros also offers a wider range of additional commercial painting services when compared to other professional painting companies. This includes industrial coating, surface preparation, waterproof coating, roof coating, joint expansion sealing, sandblasting, brick waterproofing and metalizing. Our commercial painters will emphasize on productivity and maximizing efficiency when painting to avoid any business disruptions. Contact us today for a free estimate!