Commercial painting project timelines

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The first thing people ask before committing to a commercial painting project is just how long it will last. After all, it could mean pressing pause on operations for at least part of the project for some businesses. Needless to say, you want it done in the shortest time possible. Well, to help you better prepare for this, we shall look at how long you can expect a commercial painting project to last and some steps you can take to make these timelines shorter.

How long does it take to complete a commercial painting project?

On average, your typical painting project should take anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months. But in reality, there is really no definitive answer or an exact time a project will last. It generally depends on the scale of the business in question and the painting company your hire. As you may expect, larger structures will take longer to complete. However, there are many other factors that determine the time a commercial paint job will take. Let’s take a look.

Factors affecting the completion of a commercial painting project

A lot of factors can affect the time taken for a typical commercial project. As mentioned, size plays a huge role in completion time, but others, like the nature of the surface being worked on and paint quality, contribute just as much. Below are some of the main factors.

Amount of prior preparation

One of the key factors affecting the time taken to complete a commercial project (or any project for that matter) is the amount of preparation you put into it before the actual work. In painting, preparation means preparing the surface adequately by power washing, scraping, caulking, sanding, and generally making sure it is free of loose debris and dirt. Doing this in advance will save you a ton of time and reduce lags when painting. Prior preparation also means ensuring that you have enough resources, including capital and materials, to keep the project going without major breaks.

Quality of materials and paint used

Often overlooked, the materials used when painting play a crucial role in the whole application process. High-quality materials like paint brushes and rollers are generally easier to handle and more efficient at smearing the paint. You end up saving a lot of time in the process. Likewise, the type of paint you use is also important. Here you’ll find some paints take a shorter time to dry out and are generally more durable over time. Ensure you employ a reliable contractor who uses high-quality materials for your project. Not only will it take less time,  but the high attention to detail results in a longer-lasting appeal of your paint.

Number of contractors and their experience level

As you might guess, the more people on the job, the shorter it will take to have it done – it’s simple math. However, you can’t just employ a bunch of random people and expect the same quality of work. In this case, if you really want value for your money, you’ll need large numbers of professional, experienced painters. These kinds of contractors usually take their time to do the prep, determining such things number of coats needed. Also, they use high-quality tools and equipment to make sure the job is done seamlessly and within a short time. Not to mention, with high-quality work, you’ll save yourself time having to get the job redone in the future.


By taking note of these elements, you’ll not only determine the time your painting project will take, but you’ll overall get better results in due time. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of hiring quality services.  Hiring a professional contractor will guarantee that you get the results you really desire. At Painter Bros, we have all this in mind. Our primary goal is to provide satisfactory painting services that will stand the test of time. And we have the tools and expertise to guarantee this. For any inquiries please contact us for a free estimate today.