Commercial Facility Maintenance Services

tools in a belt for Commercial Facility Maintenance Services

They say that you can never get a second first impression. And this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to commercial property. When your facility is shabby and neglected, it sends out the message that you are reckless about your business and couldn’t care less about what visitors or potential customers think. On the other hand, a well-maintained premise with everything in its place, working as expected, leaves occupants and visitors feeling more comfortable and trusting of the space.

But with all the day-to-day operations of your business already on your plate, it can be a bit hard to spare time for stuff like damaged cabinets and faulty air conditioners in the property. This is where Painter Bros’ commercial facility maintenance service comes in.

Why employ a commercial facility maintenance service?

When you engage a professional maintenance service, you can rest assured that all your operations are running smoothly at all times. The service will take over any of your facility’s concerns, deal with contractors and generally keep your facility functioning optimally, so you can focus your efforts on more pressing affairs.

Your typical facility maintenance service should ultimately help:

  • Preserve the property’s value
  • Boost the image of your company
  • Reduce recurring costs in repair
  • Make the environment more desirable and workable
  • Make the space safer to work in

Types of commercial facility maintenance services

These include anything intended to improve the standard of your building or make it functional and safe to reside in. Keep in mind that these services need to be done repetitively over time to allow your facility to live out its true lifespan. The purpose is proactively maintaining the facility, rather than reactive repair when something goes wrong.

  • Daily repairs like lift maintenance and electrical repairs
  • Drainage, plumbing, and other waterworks
  • Annual upgrades to improve buildings aesthetics like painting
  • Preventative maintenance like routine audits done on the infrastructure of the building
  • Aesthetic touch-ups like painting finishing

Contact us at Painter Bros

Painter Bros has been in the maintenance and interior decor business long enough to understand all the technicalities associated with the daily running of commercial facilities. When we take on a project, we do our best to learn all we can about our clients, the condition of the facility, and how best to keep it in top shape.

Over the years, our team has amassed tremendous experience doing major and minor repairs in building interiors and exteriors. We are especially conversant with paintwork, and with our knowledge of color psychology and interior design, we can offer the best advice on color selection and painting techniques that will bring out your brand.

We provide maintenance services including minor plumbing repairs, faulty electrical repairs, lighting maintenance, board-ups, floor repair, doors and windows repair, ceiling and tile repair, and replacements and upgrades. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that your facility’s health is kept up in the most cost-efficient way. So feel free to contact us today and let us take care of the rest.