Specialty Finishes in Cary

Give Your Home a Unique New Look

When seeking to equip your home with a distinctive and personalized appearance, exploring options beyond conventional paint may be worthwhile for you. Here at Painter Bros of Cary, NC, we provide painting services that incorporate specialty finishes to add both style and character to your home. Beyond just emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of your home, adding specialty finishes can also help to increase durability, and add value. 

Some examples of our specialty finishes include:

  • CMU coatings 
  • Polyurethane coatings 
  • Primer 
  • Acrylic 
  • Laquer 
  • Powder coatings 
  • Elastomeric 
  • Epoxy

Immersed in the area

Our Painter Bros team is locally owned and operated, making our love for Cary, NC, run deep. We appreciate all aspects of Cary, including its well-planned communities, diverse opportunities, ample green spaces, and commitment to quality of life. We are also proud to serve all of the various areas that make up Cary and understand the unique atmosphere of all communities. Whether your residence is nestled in Bishop Gates, Kitts Creek, Lockmere, or any of the districts within this remarkable city, Painter Bros is equipped with the skills needed to deliver painting services that complement both your individual home as well as your area. 

Add a Decorative Touch to Your Home with Our Specialty Finishes 

By adding specialty finishes, you have the opportunity to enhance various areas throughout your residence. These can include ceilings, siding, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, windows, hallways, cabinets, shutters, doors, trims, and even garage doors. 

Interior Applications → When adding specialty finishes to the interior of your home, homeowners have an endless amount of options to explore. An example is adding textured finishes that introduce depth and dimension to accent walls, invoking a rustic, Old-World charm in living spaces. On the other hand, metallic finishes help to infuse a touch of sophistication throughout various rooms, while faux wood or stone finishes effortlessly bring the comforting warmth of nature indoors. Similarly, when it comes to cabinets, the use of especially finishes can transform them from merely being a means of storage, into captivating focal points within any room. 

Exterior Applications → When adding specialty finishes to the exterior of your residence, you have the opportunity to rejuvenate your outdoor spaces. Adding specialty finishes to decks, patios, fences, and garage doors, can not only fortify them to become more weather-resistant but will also aid in enhancing the overall appeal of your home. 

Increased Durability

Painter Bros of Cary prides ourselves on always thinking one step ahead. Consequently, our team of skilled painters is equipped with materials to ensure that your home’s specialty finishes are not only thoughtful decorative touches but also are made to last. Some examples of our specialty finishes adding durability to your home can be seen below: 

High-Traffic Areas: Rooms are generally designed to be inviting, and they achieve this goal when people want to be in them. But with a highly used room can come the normal wear and tear that usually accompanies them. Painter Bros utilizes specialty finishes like satin or semi-gloss that can resist scuffing and make cleaning easier. This ensures our beloved well-used rooms can stay looking sharp. 

Flooring: Flooring might be an aspect of our homes that needs to be equipped with all the durability they can get. That is why Painter Bros of Cary specializes in epoxy flooring and other specialty finishes that help protect your floors from oil stains and wear. 

Wood Surfaces: While many of us love the use of authentic wood, if not properly protected, it can present quite a challenge. Between moisture exposure, UV damage, scratches, and potential splitting, protecting wood can seem like a daunting task. For this reason, Painter Bros of Cary is skilled in the realm of protecting your home's wood surfaces so that you don’t have to. Our expert painters are equipped to utilize specialty finishes like polyurethane or lacquer, to guarantee the wood in both the exterior and interior of your residence remains in top-notch condition. 

So whether it’s adding personality to the blank canvas of a wall, or curating a visually striking outdoor entertainment area, Painter Bros of Cary is your painting company of choice for all specialty finishing. 

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  • "Lucas in Houston was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and then some! I feel very comfortable working with Painter Bros."
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  • "Very comfortable working with Painter Bros."

    - Ben Jones
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