Best Exterior Colors to Paint Your Arizona Home

Best Exterior Colors to Paint Your Arizona Home

One of the most difficult tasks homeowners face when painting their homes is choosing the right color. And quite frankly, with the different shades and hues we have out there today, it’s understandable how one might be spoilt for choice. You see, there’s more to color than just beauty. Going with a modern, trendier color, for instance, might increase the value of your home and its appeal to a potential buyer. To help make your choice a little easier, we shall look at a few color trends for house painting in Arizona that you can implement in your own home.

The dull exterior colors that are prominent in some parts of Arizona make many of us want to paint our homes with exceptional color to counteract that desert orange vibe. Futhermore, standard stucco homes in Arizona need special care, and what better way to protect your home than with some delightful shades!

Mix and match

The worst thing you can possibly do is paint the entirety of your home in one color (well, unless that is your intention). The beauty of mixing and matching is that it breaks the monotony of it all. It works even better in the interior, where you’ll find people applying contrasting color combinations with different patterns, shapes, and materials to create something that’s almost artistic. Contrasting, in this case, involves taking colors that seem dissimilar and putting them together in a creative way that is visually exciting.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades. Feel free to put up a different color for your windows, doors, and shutters.

If elegance is what you seek, go for gray

There are a few safe colors that will almost surely blend with any color. One of them is gray. With this one color, you get to achieve a modern, sophisticated appeal without breaking too much sweat. To make it stylish, feel free to dab a little black and white or accent with different shades of gray. Light and dark tones of grey come together really nicely.

For the avid minimalist, white can be cool too

Contrary to common belief, white isn’t exactly the boring color people paint it out to be. Most people fear that it is plain and gets dirty easily. But in truth, if done right, white can result in a clean, elegant look. The simplistic appeal of it all will make your house stand out. Also worth noting is that there’s more than one shade of white. Off-white or top white are a few great options you can consider

Also, you can combine the white with contrasting tones, like popping violets and reds. You can do this using paint or by buying different colored furniture to spruce it up.

Add a little warmth with beige

Beige has always been stylish. And it’s only continuing to gain popularity in Arizona homes. The thing about beige is that it is neutral, yet has this unique of giving your home a warmer, welcoming look. What’s more, beige can be incorporated in a ton of ways. You can paint it on the trim or siding, or even use it for your finishing

Earthy tones

Earthy tones are basically the paints that mimic the colors of nature. Homeowners use such tones to bring that outdoorsy feel inside.  They include all the various shades of orange, brown, yellow, and green. With the lack of trees and plants in the desert climate, this idea tends to be a favorite amongst Arizonians.

Metal for a futuristic appeal

Metal is slowly creeping into homes as the new depiction of a modern home. It gives out an overall industrial metallic feel that makes the space feel futuristic. You’ll commonly see it applied in the kitchen, where it blends perfectly with kitchen appliances.

And it isn’t just stainless steel; there is a wide array of metallic alternatives you can choose from, including steel, silver, gold, copper, aluminum, among others, so you can choose one that suits your taste.

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Well, that just about sums it up. You can’t possibly go wrong gracing your house with any of the above colors. Remember, for best results painting; it is always best that you leave it to the professionals. Companies like Painter Bros have for years been in the business of paint, transforming houses all over the country into beautiful homes. They’ve amassed tons of experience in the field and are therefore in a better position to advise on what is good out there.

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