Bathroom Remodeling Services in Houston

Brand new furnished modern house bathroom in Montreal's Beaconsfield. Bathroom Remodeling Services in Houston

Ah, the bathroom. Just another room in the house for some, but a sanctuary for most. It’s that one place where you get to let go of your inhibitions and sing off key to your favorite Taylor Swift jam in the shower. Perhaps this is what makes a bathroom remodel so crucial. Whether you want to install a new shower door, a new sink, or that elegant tile you saw in the architectural digest, it needs to be done delicately to get proper results. And an expert hand can guarantee this.

At Painter Bros, we understand all that goes into a proper bathroom remodeling project. If you reside in Houston and its surrounding area, we can help replicate that spa experience in your very own home.

Why remodel your bathroom?

At Painter Bros, we work to deliver more than just the aesthetic improvement of it all. In addition, you get:

Value – Whether you are looking to sell your home or not, a nice bathroom remodel should significantly increase the value of the property. Such things as adding new fixtures, lighting, and paint can make the place look and feel modern, which is what homeowners look for.

Extra Space – The bathroom remodel should be able to open up the space and make it less cramped. No matter the room’s size, we can analyze the existing accessories or fixtures and replace them with more fitting, stylish ones that can make the room look bigger.

Upgraded Technology – A remodel is also a good opportunity to add new technology to the space. This can include heated floors, wall-mounted TVs, or rain showers which all add the magic of the bathroom-spa experience. Additionally, we can add fixtures such as grab rails, showerheads, and seating which increase mobility and make the bathing experience safer and easier.

Our Services

We have the expertise and tools to handle just about any remodeling ideas you may have for your bathroom. Some of our services include:

  •         Tile floor installation
  •         Shower glass door or tub installation
  •         Faucet installation
  •         Toilet installation
  •         Vanity & mirror installation
  •         Drywall installation and painting
  •         And more

Once you hire us, you can rest assured knowing that your vision is in good hands. We shall do our best to make sure your vision comes to fruition without interfering with your daily routine. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is our mission. We always strive to leave a sparkling clean site, ready for use.

Contact us today!

Your bathroom may very well be the first room you visit in the morning and the last one every night. At Painter Bros, we work to make this space as welcoming and functional as possible. We work closely with our clients, using only the best techniques and procedures to transform even the most dated of bathrooms into a modern, trendier space.

If you are ready to create the bathroom of your dreams, contact us today at Painter Bros and let us take care of the rest.