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The Best Paint Colors for Commercial Exterior

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Sure, you may have the best receptionist in town -warm, respectful, smiles ear to ear and makes your prospects feel like VIPs. But wait, your building’s exterior colors have already told them who you are. See, color is a universal language. Before your prospects set foot inside your reception they’ve already formed an opinion about your business based on your exterior’s colors. Here, you’ll learn specific colors that are ideal for commercial exterior and what those colors mean for your business.

Important Considerations

Consider your building’s architecture. For instance, red works better on concrete than on wood. The chemical components of red make it chip faster on wood than on concrete. Your target audience should have a say in the colors you use, too. The older generation love quieter neutral and warm colors like browns, greys, and beige. The younger generation will be attracted to bold colors like tinges of purple, red, blues, etc., while kids love loud pops of bright colors.

What services do you offer? For instance, personal injury law firms go for black (representing certainty and authority) and yellow (hope and optimism), while McDonald’s logo is red and yellow. Yellow represents playfulness while red represents hunger, energy and excitement.

What Different Colors Mean for Your Building’s Exteriors

Here is a list of different colors you should consider depending on what you want to communicate.

  1. Dynamism. Choose bright reds, yellows, and oranges. These colors are perfect if you own a restaurant or you are a developer hosting a string of eateries. Contrasting these with darker tones will help the brightness to stand out. However, red should not be the dominant color for commercial property.
  2. Peace and Calm. Green shades are calming and peaceful. Blue greens suit health facilities and other stressful places, apartment buildings will do well with browns and greens to depict comfort.
  3. Restful and Clean. Shades of lighter blues are fast replacing the traditional brown shades to create a restful atmosphere.
  4. Honesty. Own a resort? Soft pinks, a combo of red and white stucco work well together to invoke trust in your prospects.

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