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4 Accent Wall Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

kids bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms and nurseries can be quite enjoyable to paint and decorate. It’s exciting to prepare for the arrival of a little one or tap back into your inner child. You’ll need this connection to help channel different patterns and colors into the creation of a space that’s appealing and child-friendly.

An affordable but powerful way to design such an environment is by the proper use of accent walls. Accent walls can liven up solid coats of paint and engage visitors to your home, both young and old.


If you’ve seen one striped wall, you might think you’ve seen them all. Most of these surfaces have stripes of the same breadth. If you’re painting your kid’s accent bedroom wall, consider choosing stripes of different widths. This is less boring and more playful. Using a variety of colors is a good way to set a theme for the room or bring together accessories that don’t share a common color profile.

Bold primary colors are more popular with children. Vertical or horizontal stripes bring in freshness, but a chevron, or zigzag, pattern will bring newness, charm, visual appeal.


An accent wall patterned with spots offers similar color possibilities as the striped wall, but it has even greater potential for whimsical variation. Randomly paint circles over the wall. You can choose to make a grid with them or distribute them more at the bottom, making them appear to float skywards; the possibilities are endless. Turn spots into minimalist flowers or balloons, and your child will surely be delighted.


Want an accent wall that’s even more dramatic? Consider choosing trendy wallpaper! This allows you to change the room’s entire aesthetic feel as your little one grows up while requiring less money and effort than repainting entirely. The transition from a Sandy Cheeks accent wall created with wallpaper to a Wonder Woman one is a breeze. You can choose something more pattern-based, color-based, or suitable for your kid or teen— the choice is yours.


If you’d prefer something a little more permanent than wallpaper, then you may go the mural route. Depending on your child’s personality, you can choose to paint something complex or simple. For the more artistically gifted child or young adult, something more abstract or geometric may be in order.

Complete Your Accent Wall with Painter Bros

Designing a trendy-looking and beautiful bedroom for the kids is no walk in the park. Trying to balance your vision, space restrictions, and your child’s preferences can be difficult. Fortunately, you can fine-tune the accent walls ideas put forth with a touch of color and a splash of your creativity.

Yet, if you’d rather have seasoned minds and steady hands on top of things, then look no further than Painter Bros. We’ve renovated and remodeled residential premises, kids’ bedrooms included, from coast to coast. Give us a call today (844) 509-2313, and we’ll use our intimate knowledge of color psychology and design trends to create a cozy but interesting bedroom for your loved ones.


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