We are big fans of utilizing every space in a home. The closet tends to get pushed behind closed doors and forgotten about. But just looking at this picture this painted closet adds so much more to this room. We love that it is painted a color that matches a piece of furniture that is a big part of the space (the crib).

This closet has been painted a red-orange that matches small parts of the room. The red-orange in the room itself isn’t the main color but is an accent to to the black and gray. By painting the closet that color it brings out the red a lot more in not just the closet but in the room as well. We also like that even though the closet stands out it doesn’t outshine the rest of the space, but ties everything together.

In this picture we are looking at a walk-in closet, even though the walls of the closet are farther from the eye and more covered by items that are stored in there the small amounts that peak out offer a brightness to the room. The yellow that we see that is present in the room (umbrella, painting on the wall & the rug) are all different shades of yellow and also differ from the yellow that is painted in the closet, however, it all works, right?! It looks great! It’s fun especially for this cute little girl’s room!

This room has three different colors as a theme, the cream, white & turquoise. It is pretty simple to choose a color that can be used in the closet. We like the idea of using small amounts of color that are used in the room to paint the walls in the closet space.

We wouldn’t recommend painting the inside of the closet along with the doors. In this type of situation it should be either/or. But here are some ideas of using awesome paint on the closet doors. Not painting the whole door one color but allowing a pattern of white to pop out draws your attention to the closet and allows a fun feel to the room.

The mint paint color isn’t present in the room but still adds the same feel to this room, which is giving off a very elegant, sleek and clean vibe. The closet pops but because the whole door is painted it draws the eye to the middle where the knob and detail is.

There are so many different ways to utilize a space. Here are some new ideas that we hope will spark your interest!