Creative tips for making accent walls

Creative tips for making accent walls | Accent Wall Ideas

Accent walls are no new phenomenon in the decorating industry scene. They have long been considered as an easy yet effective way of adding a touch of style and dimension to your walls. If you don’t already know, an accent wall simply refers to one wall in your space painted differently from the rest. By doing so, you get to break the overall monotony of just one color while adding a little sparkle with the bolder shade.

But as many interior design experts will tell you, not just any combination of two different colors will suffice. The best accent is one that is done with a purpose. One that brings out an aesthetic appeal while defining the space. This can either be by highlighting an architectural feature or hiding an awkward spot.

In this article, we shall give you a few tips on how you can make your very own accent wall come out as fabulous as you imagined it.

Tips for creating accent walls

Think beyond solid colors – You need to understand that there is much more to colors than just the same old plain blue or maroon-red that matches your furniture. Instead, you can go for special paint finishes, chevrons, or stripes. Your wall might also go perfectly with a mural, comprising all the colors of the rainbow, if you so please. If you are feeling a little bolder, you can even go for Metallics to make a statement.

Texture — For accent walls, it’s not just about the color of paint you use. You can get a little more creative and spruce it up with a coarser texture, or maybe even throw in some stone or tiles in there. You want to make it look fun yet classy. Remember, when it comes to accent walls, there are no rules.

Wallpaper — Wallpapers are increasingly gaining popularity as good choices for accent walls. What is even better is that we now have temporary wallpapers. This way, you can get your designer look without the worry of long-term commitments. Think of it as a fling. If it doesn’t work out, you can always call it quits.

Neutral colors work too — When picking an accent, you don’t necessarily have to go for the bold colors. When blended right, neutral color schemes like tan or brown can be just as good. This can be a perfect alternative if you prefer a minimalist approach.

Don’t forget about your fifth wall — In the rare chance that you can’t find a wall that will work as the accent wall, consider manipulating your fifth wall, or rather, your ceiling. How you ask? Well, you can easily make accent ceilings by using soft or vivid colors. A sparkling white paint job can also do wonders. It’s proven to make your ceiling appear higher while adding some lighting.

To sum it up!

In summary, accent walls can go miles in accentuating the overall decor of your living space. And with a few tips above, you can make an accent wall the right way.

Still, it falls down to your personal preference and needs. Accent walls can be used for everything from highlighting and adding contrast to your space to disguising quirky architectural features. But it all depends on how well you use it. For more information or further assistance when making your accent wall, feel free to contact us at Painter Bros today and let us do the rest.