What You Need To Know About Commercial Painting Services

Paint has the potential to spruce up your commercial space. You can add paint to create an interior that expresses your company’s values and ideals. You can also switch up the color outside your building or add a fresh layer for an exterior refresh.

However, the field of commercial painting goes beyond interior and exterior painting. Below are a few other aspects of commercial painting that you might not have known existed.


1. Joint Expansion Sealing

When expansion joints aren’t sealed frequently enough, elements like rainwater might seep into the underlying concrete or slab and leave a trail of costly damages. The time to ignore joint expansion sealing as a crucial part of your building’s maintenance schedule is long gone.


2. Waterproofing

How do you protect your brick and mortar exterior from soaking in water when it rains? That’s right, you apply waterproofing coatings and sealants. But this is a job best left to painting professionals.


3. Industrial Coating

There’s no better way to protect your equipment, surfaces, and machines from corrosive elements and rust than applying industrial coatings.


4. Masonry Coating

Masonry coating systems properly applied on commercial concrete and masonry walls can both seal and dump-proof them. Just don’t do it yourself.


5. Roof Coating

Commercial roofs can only take so much beating. However, with the help of a professional painting company, you can shield your roof from severe weather and give it several more years of life.


6. Power Washing

What do you do when your parking lot, brick pathway, or other hardscape surface is slightly grimy and dirty? Yup, you hire power washing professionals (who also double up as painting pros) to get it clean and sparkling-looking.


7. Re-Branding and Signage

When opening a new business in a building that previously housed another entity, it’s important to get the signage and painting right—the first time. Even if your newly acquired space doesn’t require a complete makeover, it’s still prudent to work with an experienced painting contractor.


Ready to Give Your Commercial Space Some Pick-Me-Up?


At Painter Bros, we specialize in painting all commercial spaces. Our field of expertise ranges from roof coating, industrial coating, waterproofing, joint expansion sealing, masonry coating, and everything in between. Wondering if we’re the right fit for your next commercial painting project? Contact us today, and let us take it from there!