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It is not so easy letting strangers into your home, even if they are qualified painting contractors. This is why we always have our communication channels open so that you can get to know us better and so that you can know the progress that's being made on your residence by the brush stroke. If you need a little retouch or a complete overhaul of what you currently have, contact us at Painter Bros today.
We're a professional painting company that has vast experience in transforming homes in Denver, Colorado. The kind of material you have on your exterior won't phase us one bit, as we've worked on all types of surfaces over the years. We'll work comfortably with wood, composite, and cedar shingles as we would with vinyl, aluminum, and stucco.

Our color consultants will partner with you to discuss what you want from every room. Color psychology is a crucial aspect in the reworking process or when applying touch-ups. Furthermore, we can talk about timelines and find a way to operate around your schedule. If you're a home-owner in Denver, contact us today for a free estimate of the project.

Exterior Residential Painting

Exterior Residential Painting

Painter Bros specializes in exterior painting in Denver. From a full exterior renovation to updating the trim on your porch, our professionals are there for you.

Interior Residential Painting

Interior Residential Painting

Whether you're updating your kitchen, bathroom or living room, or looking for a complete redesign in Denver, Painter Bros will work with you from design to completion to make your vision for your home a reality.

Residential General Contracting

Residential General Contracting

Painter Bros organizes and executes residential remodeling projects in Denver and incorporates specific design and architectural ideas to provide a homeowner with a better living experience, either by adding space or making better use of an established space.

Residential Cabinet Painting

Residential Cabinet Painting

Painter Bros provides the best color consulting services and cabinet painting services in Denver. If you are in need of a repaint for your bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or other cabinets in your home, call us today for a free estimate. We can also help your decide on a color that accents your space well.

Professional Color Match

Professional Color Match

Our professional color consultants in Denver are ready to help you with that accent wall you have been thinking about or your new project to standardize some rooms or the outside of your house. We will match any color you need perfectly to make sure your new paint job aligns with the color you already have in mind.

Residential Epoxy Floors

Residential Epoxy Floors

Painter Bros of Denver provides the best epoxy floor application in the city. Our experienced painters and contractors are knowledgeable and skilled at the art of epoxy application. If your Denver home needs epoxy floors or tables, call us today.

Basement Finishing Services

Basement Finishing Services

Our professional painters and contractors in Denver are here to create your dream basement for you. Wondering what it would be like to have that extra living space for guests, friend gatherings, or your favorite hobby? Call us today for a free estimate. We manage the entire project for you - from drywall to ceilings to trim and paint!

Accent Wall Painting

Accent Wall Painting

Painter Bros professional painting services in Denver has the expert team to beautify your living space or home exterior. Accent walls, inside or out, are a great way to make the space you love pop and feel more exciting and comfortable. Don't limit yourself to just one new color! Consider all of the possibilities of texture, stripes, polka-dots, and more!

Sheds & Outdoor Structures

Sheds & Outdoor Structures

We know it can be an eyesore to look at that old worn shed, barn, woodshop, or other outdoor structure in your yard. Perhaps you built in years ago, or perhaps you inherited it from the previous owner. Either way, the space is needed so don't tear it down! Instead, contact Painter Bros for a free estimate to get that thing repainted in Denver! You'll be happy you did.

Repainting Services

Repainting Services

If you dislike the existing color of the exterior or interior of your home or if the condition of the paint is beginning to dwindle, considering repainting your home will greatly improve your look and mood. Painter Bros offers monthly deals and discounts and provides the best quality painting services in Denver.

New Construction Painting

New Construction Painting

Who doesn’t love new homes? We do. We love working on a blank canvas where we can fulfill any homeowner’s ideas and get them closer to their dream home in Denver. Call Painter Bros today for a free estimate to get your new home painted as soon as you're ready in the building stages.

Why Painter Bros of Denver?

The Painter Bros Difference


Every time we are finishing up a project, we will walk through and inspect our work to make certain that everything is clean, tidy, and that you are pleased with the work we have done. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Our craftsmen are trained to produce prompt, quality work. Knowing the right brushes and paints for a surface or the right techniques for refinishing your cabinets does make a world of a difference.


All of our painters are properly vetted and trained. This ensures that all jobs are warrantied and insured through the company and not a third party. Our high-quality work originates from our own training, experience, and drive for excellence.


We have worked and brainstormed with numerous customers on a wide variety of projects and can proudly say that we have the creativity and innovation to solve the question of how to brighten up your home or office space from performing simple color changes to full repaints.

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Residential Interior Painting in Denver

What Can I Expect?

Personalizing and transforming your living space while staying on budget is Painter Bros dedication to our customers. Increase the appeal of your home and give it a fresh new vibe by painting all of those walls, cabinets, staircases, and other aspects that you are tired of looking at every day. Contact one of our many Painter Bros locations across the country for the best interior house painters around. Painter Bros specializes in interior painting projects. These projects can involve anything from a single bedroom color swap to a change in the whole house’s color scheme. We know the inside of your house is special to you and your family and will be sure to respect your privacy and protect against scratches, excessive dirt, and unwanted noise. Our crew will inspect your home assessing the square footage, surfaces, and need for scaffolding or other equipment.

Residential Interior Painting in Denver

Once assessed we will work with you to come up with a schedule for the project as well as let you know of any requirements such as for sanding or drying time. Smaller projects can usually be completed in one day and most other projects within a week. We work hard to maintain a schedule and are sure to clean up thoroughly when done so that you can have your home back as soon as possible. Call us today to get started or learn more about interior painting services. Interior walls and other areas begin to look old and worn over time. Upgrading those rooms and surfaces inside your property with a fresh coat of paint can help recover your home to its former glory. Working with an interior painting company like Painter Bros is cost-effective because it provides numerous benefits. In fact, you should update your home’s interior with a fresh coat of paint every few years.

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Residential Exterior Painting in Denver

Add Value To Your Home

The exterior of your home is the first impression for everyone who visits. Make sure your home creates the right impression by contacting Painter Bros for exterior house painting services. Painter Bros is a trusted name nationwide, with years of experience providing residential exterior painting services to homes of all shapes and sizes. Painter Bros of Denver has helped many homeowners up their curb appeal with an exterior painting project. Not only does exterior painting improve your home’s aesthetics though, it also helps protect it. Our crew can help assess and decide what type of paint might be best for your exterior based on the conditions and types of surfaces. Our teams are dedicated to providing professional-level painting services at affordable prices and with efficient project timelines. As experts in all things painting, our teams not only provide professional painting services but also expert consulting services to help each client select the right paints for their project ideas.

Residential Exterior Painting in Denver

Not sure how to take on a big exterior painting project? Contact Painter Bros today and our team of experts will help you take your ideas and turn them into reality. Let our painting professionals guide you through choosing the best colors and the right paints to use for your exterior services in order to create a professional, seamless look for the exterior of your home. Our professional exterior painting services also include the reparation of small exterior surface damages to ensure that the paint is able to be applied smoothly. Depending on the conditions, we might suggest a cleaning before the start of the project. These projects are often easier to schedule than interior projects, however, we will still be sure to work with your schedule and respect your home. Most exterior painting in Denver needs to be done around summer-time because of temperature so be sure to book early! Call us today or learn more about exterior painting services from the premier painting company in Denver.

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  • Project needed to be done but I was on a budget. Painters were able to work with me and be very flexible to meet my needs.

  • Happy to have found a reliable painting company for future needs. The crew was respectful of our home, responsive, and efficient.

  • Solid work. I had these guys paint my Mom's home. I was worried about her getting nickled and dimed but they did a great job for a more than fair rate. This company takes pride in their work. Using them again the next time my family needs help in CO.

  • Second time using these guys, did phenomenal work. They worked all day in my living room and I could barely tell they were there. Efficient and quick.

  • I had a painter name Diego de Los Angeles. He was amazing. I wanted to paint my white vinyl windows black and found out it requires a very special paint (only 1 available option in the country) and Diego is the only painter in Utah who has used product before and can do it. He did a great job. I am am extremely […]

  • I had Painter Bros Paint the interior of my home in Lindon. They did a great job, I will definitely have them back to do more!

Frequently asked

Your Questions Answered

Yes, you can either provide your own paint or we can give recommendations on design, color, and type of paint.

Interior paint jobs typically cost around $1.25 per paintable square foot with Painter Bros services, while the national average is $3.50 per square foot in 2021, according to Home Advisor.

Trying samples first is one of the most important things you should know about interior painting. You should never skip this step as it will help you judge how a color will look on specific surfaces or rooms in your property.

As long as they are applied by expert professionals, interior paint jobs can last about five to ten years.

Our experts employ the best practices in exterior painting. These include pressure washing to get rid of dirt, repairing damaged surfaces, and removing old and loose paint.

In general, exterior surfaces need to be repainted every five to 10 years, depending on the quality of the previous paint job, the surface condition of the exterior, and weather conditions in your area.

According to Consumer Reports, exterior enhancements such as paint touch-ups can increase a property’s value by up to five percent. That means for every $100k of value on your home, you could be looking at an additional $5k in resale value. So, if your home is worth $200k, your property value can increase up to $210k!

On average, you'll have to pay around $900 to $2,100 for low-end cabinet painting services and around $3,500+ for high-end.

In general, exterior surfaces need to be repainted every five to 10 years, depending on the quality of the previous paint job, the surface condition of the exterior, and weather conditions in your area.The cost of repainting cabinets can be anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of the cost of replacing them. In short, painting cabinets is way cheaper than replacing them.

It’s quicker to apply stain because you don’t need to prime any surface.

Refinishing cabinets strips them down to make them look more natural. For example, if you have wood cabinets, refinishing will showcase their natural wood grain. On the other hand, painting cabinets involves the application of new paint to give cabinets a fresh look.

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Zach Tanner


Growing up with a rich history in the industry has definitely helped advance our company and make them one of the top companies in the state. Having a family full of Painters/Contractors has been a huge help to me. I have been involved in the construction industry for 5 years now, and have specialized in painting and finished carpentry for the majority of that time. I have professionally painted in over 5 states, and have left every customer just as happy as the last. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Denver | CO, USA

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