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Epoxy and Your Restaurant

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Is Installing Epoxy Right for Your Restaurant?

Epoxy resin furniture, coatings, and floors have gained popularity in residential spaces like garages and basements; however, did you know they also have a place in professional kitchens and restaurants? Epoxy resin’s high adhesiveness and resistance to chemicals and heat make it an ideal material for eateries. It means surfaces handle frequent human contact and traffic; they also undergo constant sanitization due to spills and messes.

Applications of Epoxy in Restaurants

Not only is epoxy resin durable, but it can also be used alongside different materials such as glass, metal, wood, china, and fabric. It is a versatile product. There are, therefore, several ways epoxy can be utilized in your restaurant project:

Epoxy Floors and Floor Coating

Epoxy floors and epoxy floor coatings aren’t the same things. While an epoxy floor is a thick layer (over two millimeters) of epoxy, an epoxy floor coating has a comparatively thinner epoxy layer. They give the surface a glossy, unbroken feel that can be customized into a variety of hues.

Epoxy Application for Tables

Tables are probably the most widely known epoxy furniture creation. You can coat tables made of stone, concrete, chipboard, or wood with this resin to increase their durability. Most manufacturers offer clear and colored table coatings, depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Epoxy Application for Chairs

Epoxy resin can protect chairs from material abrasion and stains. It’s become quite the trend among restaurateurs, pub owners, and hoteliers because of this. The seats in eateries and recreational facilities are used a lot. Therefore, they are prone to frequent wear and tear as well as constant cleaning.

As far as other furniture goes, epoxy resin can also be used on shelves and cabinets.

Benefits of Epoxy Use in Restaurants

There are pros that come with investing in epoxy resin for your restaurant’s commonly used surfaces. They include:

Commercial epoxy coatings are created from inert materials processed to make an abrasion-resistant and highly durable surface. All this makes for a low-maintenance fitting.

The ability to tailor the coating’s color as desired. Plus, its overall polished appearance makes this material a natural fit in any professional restaurant setting.

Epoxy resin has an innate resistance to chemicals. It makes it stand its ground against any stains and spills. Furthermore, it offers protection against other substances such as paint thinner, bleach, iodine, and cooking oils.

The adhesive qualities of epoxy resin keep restaurant floors slip-resistant, preventing any unfortunate occurrences.

Epoxy coatings keep tables, chairs, and floors resistant to wear and tear. Restaurants are popular meeting, date, or hang-out spots. This way, they can retain their elegance for longer.

Germs and bacteria like E. coli can’t survive for an extended period on epoxy surfaces. It is a feature that makes them great for flooring in commercial kitchens.

Install Epoxy Floor in Your Restaurant With Painter Bros

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the materials for your furniture, floors, and shelving. Epoxy resin is a stylish answer to practical problems like safety and durability. If the reliability of epoxy is an element you’d want in your restaurant, reach out to an equally reliable contractor.

Painter Bros has worked on commercial kitchens and restaurants across the country. We’re ready to work on your cafeteria, bar, coffee shop, or diner as well. Call us today (844) 509-2313 to schedule a free estimate.


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