Zach Tanner – How Painter Bros Began

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It’s crazy to imagine that the Painter Bros franchise quite literally started by accident. Following an injury that made it impossible to join college and play football, Painter Bros founder Zach Tanner began his journey in the construction business, eventually picking up painting for people.

Fueled by ‘brokenness’ (with only 400 bucks to his name), the ambitious 20-year-old set on to start Painter Bros, aiming to provide value and satisfaction in the otherwise underwhelming painting arena.

Our core values

From the start, Painter Bros was the birth child of an extremely competitive and workaholic CEO. The vision was to provide better service and introduce a better mode of operation. Eight years down the line, this very competitive nature is ingrained in the core of the organization.

We set up all our employees in winning positions, motivating them to do all they can to grow and win. These very principles weaved into the company culture enable us to provide and maintain exemplary services.

We do whatever it takes

Tanner believes in doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers are satisfied. If an issue arises, we drop everything and rush out to ensure that the problem is taken care of. Each new employee has clear, defined expectations from the get-go. They all have a solid understanding of how the business should be conducted and how jobs should be handled on-site.

On top of that, everyone goes through intense training before starting out. In fact, most of our managers have done manual construction and painting for years, so they know exactly what is going on the ground. This way, they can relay our high expectations on every project. We also integrate expert subcontractors into our team to improve the overall quality of our service.

Our vast network

Our extensive network affords us connections to different businesses in painting and construction all across the country. Also, with numerous franchisees spread across the country, we constantly get insights into what is happening throughout. And this enables up to keep up with new industry trends as they come, offering the same to our customers.

Contact us today!

Whether you want to join our Painter Bros franchise or you are seeking the services of a professional quality painting company, there is always a place for you in our organization. So feel free to contact us today and chat with our consultants.