What to Expect with Our Painting Franchise

When you invest in the Painter Bros franchise, you are investing in your future. We are part of a recession-resistant industry that provides services that are always in demand. As one of our painting franchise owners, you’ll have the backing and support of a nationally recognized and respected brand. This support includes pre-opening training, marketing services, ongoing support, and so much more. Though an exact number will vary depending on a few factors, we’ve included below some investment information from Item 7 of our FDD for you to look over.

  • Initial Investment: $55,000
  • Total Start Up Investment: $77.3k - $254.7k 

To learn more about the required investment for our home services franchise, reach out to the Painter Bros team at (844) 426-3716.

Investment Information

Type of Expenditure Low Amount High Amount
Initial franchise fee 1 $46,750 $55,000
Initial training fees and travel, lodging, food, and other expenses while training 2 $500 $7,500
Painter contractor license 3 $0 $1,000
Rent 4 $0 $7,000
Management/Admin costs 5 $0 $24,000
Office Supplies 6 $0 $1,000
Computers, hardware and software 6 $1,500 $2,500
Painting equipment and supplies 7 $0 $5,000
Estimator’s vehicle 8 $0 $15,000
Service vehicle 8 $0 $15,000
Vehicle decal/wrap 9 $1,500 $5,000
Misc. opening costs 10 $5,000 $10,000
Start-up package 11 $2,800 $3,700
Initial marketing campaign 12 $6,000 $30,000
Initial operating capital 13 $5,000 $73,000
Total $69,050 $254,700


1. The high estimate assumes your space will require more extensive construction in the upfit process. These numbers do assume that you will have a tenant improvement allowance needed to retrofit your space. You must lease or provide a suitable facility for the operation of the franchised School. You may choose a larger facility, but it will increase your operating costs. Your cost to lease or purchase space is difficult to quantify because there are many variables that may impact your overall costs including landlord contribution, the size of your location, rates for construction, personnel, freight, vendor pricing and taxes, overall costs and efficiencies in your market. Your landlord, developer, or builder may refund your security deposit or other fees paid, but most will not refund rental payments or other payments made. You should ask your leasing agent or landlord about their refund policy before you sign a lease agreement.

2. The equipment, furniture, and fixtures you will be required to purchase include Kaplan Early Learning Company classroom furniture. The amount of classroom furniture you need will vary based upon the size of your School. Our estimated costs do not include transportation or set up charges.

3. You will be required to purchase outdoor playground equipment from our approved supplier. Your costs will depend on the size and type of equipment.

4. Your costs for signage will vary depending on the size of your façade. Our estimates include wall signage for the exterior of the building, interior signage such as logo graphics for windows, and interior brand identification such as wall graphics.

5. The computer equipment you must purchase includes office computers, iPads, and certain software or applications like Quickbooks and The Student Hub childcare management software. You will also need to access our company intranet, Clipboard, and we will charge you the Technology Fee to do so. See Item 11 for a complete list of the hardware and software you will need for your School.

6. This estimate represents a deposit equal up to three months’ rent. Pre-paid rent is generally non-refundable while security or other deposits may be refundable either in full or in part depending upon your lease or rental contract. We expect that you will rent your location. If you choose to purchase real estate instead of renting, your costs will be significantly different. These estimates assume you will have free rent until you open your School for operation.

7. These estimates are based on historical experience of our affiliate’s School but will vary based on municipality and service provider.

8. This estimate assumes you pay 25% of the annual cost of insurance before you open. These estimates are based on the experience of our affiliate and may vary based on your location, insurance provider, and other factors.

9. These estimates represent travel and lodging expenses for up to three people to attend our training in Charlotte, North Carolina or another location we designate.

10. You will spend a minimum of $20,000 prior to the opening of your School on marketing. All of the expenditure will be paid to our approved supplier which will manage and implement the marketing. You may choose to spend more.

11. These estimates represent fees for initial reviews and advisory services for a construction manager and architect. You may incur greater costs if you engage an accountant or attorney to perform other or additional services or if you use service providers who charge high fees. Your costs will increase if you require a new construction bid. These estimates assume you will not need further services from an additional architect in your jurisdiction, which may be required under local laws, rules, and regulations. You will incur greater costs if you engage an architect to perform a new construction building or additional services.

12. The licenses you are required to obtain include a local business license and building permits. You may need to obtain other licenses and permits, and you are responsible for determining whether you need to do so.

13. You should have a three-month cash reserve to cover the operations of the Ivybrook Academy business. This includes any other required expenses you will incur before operations begin and during the initial period of operations, such as payroll, additional inventory, rent, and other operating expenses in excess of income generated by the business. Our estimates do not include any other charges or expenses, including finance charges, interest or debt service obligations or any other expenses. Your costs, and the amount you should have in reserve, will be affected by factors in the local market, your technical, marketing and general business skills, local economic conditions, local competition, local cost factors and where your Franchised Business is located. You may need to have more or less money in your cash reserve than what we have estimated. You may need to have additional working capital to cover lower than estimated sales or higher than estimated operating costs. You should speak with a financial advisor to get a more accurate estimate of the amount you should have in reserve. The operating costs for which you may use the cash reserve are typically non-refundable, but you should ask about refund policies before you patronize any vendor. The payments made to third parties may be refundable depending on the terms offered by each third party. In formulating the amount required for additional funds, we relied on the following factors, basis, and experience: the development of Ivybrook Academy Schools by our affiliates and franchisees, and our general knowledge of the industry.

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