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Starting a company from scratch can be pretty hard for anyone. Even with all the resources and capital, establishing a brand that customers can trust is an uphill task – one that takes a considerable amount of effort and hours of research.

It’s even more warranted in the paint industry, where customers look for evidence of work done in the form of customer reviews and testimonials. And this is why joining a franchise as a franchisee is so highly recommended. In this article, we shall go over why this is so and how you can join the Painter Bros team.

Why Painter Bros

If you’re reading this, it means you are probably considering joining a franchise. Here are a few benefits you stand to gain with Painter Bros.

Our brand is well established and recognized

An established franchise will also save you the trouble of looking for customers. At Painter bros, we have already established strong roots in the market. As long as you maintain the same level of quality service, you’ll be guaranteed a healthy stream of customers.

Our systems have been proven efficient

One of the more challenging tasks new business owners face is finding a system that works. It often involves trying many different strategies and systems over time to find the most efficient and effective way to maximize profits. At Painter Bros, we’ve already done all this for you. Over the years, we’ve tried and tested a lot of different systems of sales and production. We’ve fixed all the bugs to ultimately develop a comprehensive, optimized working system.

By joining us, you get to take advantage of our techniques. We’ll also handle the training of new Franchisees to have them properly integrated into our system, and our standards can be uniform.

You get access to our support systems

At Painter Bros, we ensure that all our franchisees are equipped with the support and tools needed to flourish. We boast a vast, well-established network backed by a strong web presence. We always keep up with changes in the industry affecting profitability and performance. And we’ll offer this very same support to all our franchisees.

Each of our new franchisees is inducted into our team through a series of training and mentoring programs. You also get access to our state-of-the-art software, which allow you to better manage estimates and leads. Our proprietary CRM will keep track of customers, so you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

We are cost-effective

Entrepreneurship ventures are always a gamble. After all, you are investing your money on something you’re not sure can be profitable. To succeed, you’ll need to use any means of keeping some extra money in your pocket. With years of experience in the industry backing us up, we know all the cost-saving tips and tricks. For instance, we’ll help you purchase your supplies at discounted rates that can be cumulatively more economical in the long run.

How to get started

Getting started with us is easy and straightforward. You only need to follow the steps below.

  • Contact us and have a talk with one of our franchise experts
  • Meet with us at our headquarters
  • Choose a territory that you deem fit
  • And you’re set to go

Additionally, you’ll need a minimum start-up fee of $40,000, with the total start-up investment going from anywhere between $70,000 and $130,000. Of course, this figure might vary depending on your situation.

Contact the Painter Bros Franchise Team Today!

At Painter Bros, our doors are always open to new franchisees. Our mission is to offer high-quality service to our customers all over the country. And for this reason, all our new franchisees are trained in our working techniques. Ready to join our team? Feel free to contact us and schedule a meeting.