Franchise Opportunities in Missouri

Home Improvement & Painting

Painting Franchise Opportunities & Home Improvement Franchise Opportunities in Missouri

Missouri’s population and the number of small businesses are steadily increasing over time. With so many new residents buying and selling homes, Missouri is a great state for a residential remodeling and painting franchise to flourish. Add on commercial services to your franchise, and you’re sure to dominate the market. That’s the Painter Bros promise when you open up a franchise with our trusted brand name recognition. On top of that, our business strategies and lead development techniques are proven to dominate in an ever-competitive market. As you search for franchise opportunities in Missouri, know that opportunities with Painter Bros can’t be beaten.

Purchase the existing Kansas City franchise or further demonstrate your desire to become your own boss by opening a new franchise in a different city. Do you have experience in leading a team and understanding a new business? Do you have expertise in the industries of painting, remodeling, contracting, or home improvement? Are you a quick thinker with high aspirations in these industries? Opening a Painter Bros franchise may be right for you. Read more about the services our franchises offer.

Franchise Offering Disclaimer:
The information on this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy a Painter Bros franchise and should be gathered for informational purposes only. Any offer of a Painter Bros franchise is made by means of our Franchise Disclosure Document only. Painter Bros franchises are available to qualified prospective franchisees only in certain states.

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The Painter Bros Difference

Painter Bros is a franchise unlike any other. Our systems and processes have been honed towards success. We aim to provide our franchisees with exceptional and expert support through training, consulting, and guidance. To ensure our franchisees succeed, we provide them with the necessary resources and tools. Our proprietary estimating & management software with KPI metrics offers a comprehensive view of business performance, including predictive analytics for resource planning and comparative assessment for competitive advantage.

You don’t have to worry about building your reputation from the ground up. Our brand has become synonymous with high-quality products and services throughout the country. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and exceptional quality-of-service. By joining us, you’ll have a tried-and-true business plan at your fingertips. Our reputation has contributed to the countless government and commercial contracts we have secured in our franchise markets across the United States. Painter Bros utilizes our franchise platform, footprint, and system to provide consistency, affordability, and professionalism nationwide.

We have multiple revenue streams, from working with Nationwide Fortune 500 companies with our established Commercial Contracts, to providing our SEO and digital marketing generating local leads directly to our franchisees for local market work and growth. We have multiple franchise models, allowing for both owner-operated and semi-passive opportunities. We have purchasing power with Sherwin Williams, giving our franchisees lesser rates while still making market value revenue. Our franchisees need not worry about costly lead generators as our presence in the market and software funnels business to our franchisees.


Applicant Strengths

The Painter Bros family is always looking for self-motivated, aspiring business owners to join us as one of our franchisees. We need industry professionals who are driven by results and willing to adapt and learn. Good communication skills and leadership qualities are a must!

If you think you have the right mindset and temperament to adhere to our high standards, we would appreciate hearing from you. Become a part of a group of successful entrepreneurs. Establishing your own painting business is a big step, and we’re here to help.

Home Improvement Franchise

Opportunities in Kansas City, Missouri

Painter Bros is always looking for talented people to join our franchise. If you’re thinking about starting your own company, this could be the perfect opportunity! Don’t miss out on becoming an independent business owner in Kansas City; take advantage today by applying with us as a new franchisee.

The demand for painting and other home services is always high. Businesses and homeowners are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep their properties in good shape and boost overall value. This means that the market has a great deal of room to grow, especially in a city like Kansas City. The city had an estimated 486,404 people and an average family income of $54,194 in 2019. The median home value in the area was $222,939. However, this value has steadily been trending upwards; homeowners are constantly increasing the value of their homes to remain competitive and earn money selling their homes.

Kansas City’s Painter Bros franchise will cost an initial investment of $55,000 to get started. About $77,300 to $254,700 is expected to be spent in total. The size and status of the market will ultimately dictate the final pricing.

As one of Missouri’s standout cities, Kansas City is an ideal location for businesses looking to capitalize on the state’s tremendous growth. Companies thrive in Kansas City because of a well-educated workforce and a large customer base. The city is an overall friendly place for franchise development, as 5.5% of businesses operate as franchises. Due to its reputable brand and tried-and-true business model, a Painter Bros franchise will bring you great financial success in this city.

The Painter Bros Franchise provides the following services

Painting Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Painting Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Gain from the flourishing painting franchise opportunities in Kansas City by becoming a Painter Bros franchisee. With our proven methods, setting up and managing a company is a piece of cake. A desire to learn is everything you need.

Remodeling Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Remodeling Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Remodeling franchise opportunities are bountiful. Join in on the excitement by becoming a member of the Painter Bros franchise. You'll acquire the essential knowledge and skills that will allow you to provide high-quality service to Kansas City businesses and residents.

Facility Maintenance Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Facility Maintenance Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Painter Bros' franchise opportunities in Kansas City are ideal for those looking to launch a facility maintenance business. Our objective is to guide you in getting your new venture off on the right foot. We're always willing to provide a helping hand.

General Contracting Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

General Contracting Franchise for Sale in Kansas City, Missouri

Are you ready to take the next step in starting your own business? The Painter Bros general contracting franchise is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are ambitious and driven. You can rely on us to help you make your business a success!