Why Use Epoxy for Commercial Settings

Hall of modern shopping mall with storefronts. Why Use Epoxy for Commercial Settings

If you’ve been keeping up with all things finishings in the construction industry, then you’ve probably come across epoxy. For years, it has held its reign as one of the most beautiful materials used to coat surfaces, with its applications being used everywhere from factories and warehouses to restaurants and pharmaceutical industries.

But other than its smooth, shiny appearance, here are a few reasons why epoxy surfaces are ideal for your commercial business.

It’s tough and durable

Epoxy resin is not just glossy and pretty to look at, but it is also scruff, stain, heat resistant, scratch resistant, impact-resistant, and completely sealed off from moisture. This makes it extremely durable and strong.

When used for flooring, epoxy will seamlessly support heavy loads from heavy machinery and vehicles. It won’t crack when exposed to heat or sudden impact. In turn, this means that if you install properly, you won’t have to spend more on maintenance in the future.

Easy to clean and maintain

Epoxy surfaces feel as smooth as they look. They are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, and they maintain their shine for years. Not to mention, they repel oil, water, and grease. Epoxy is also impervious to chemicals and is easy to sterilize. You don’t need a lot of products or supplies to get it sanitary and clean. Mops and brooms effortlessly slide across it, picking up dust and dirt in seconds.

Quick installation

Epoxy is also easy to install. Typically, manufacturers would take measurements beforehand and then have it customized to fit the surface area in question. The installation then falls down to the time it would take for the resinous coatings to cure, which can take as little as six hours.

Customizable aesthetics

One of the largest selling points of epoxy is that it is really aesthetically pleasing. It has the unique ability to transform almost any dull, traditional surface into a sleek, elegant, three-dimensional work of art. You get that beautiful sheen that’s reminiscent of a freshly waxed floor.

What’s more, is that there is a large color spectrum you can choose from. You can incorporate a couple of them at the same time to achieve a unique, gorgeous design.

Best surfaces to use epoxy

Thanks to its versatility, epoxy can be used for a wide range of surfaces for commercial properties, including:

  •         Bar tops
  •         Restaurant tables
  •         Commercial flooring
  •         Garage floors
  •         Outdoor walkways
  •         Hospital floors
  •         Warehouses and Industrial plants
  •         Kitchen counters and floors
  •         Flooring for gyms


Epoxy remains to be one of the most efficient materials you can use for resurfacing and concrete flooring. As you’ve seen, it is extremely durable resilient and creates one of the most beautiful finishes you can achieve.

If you are looking to give your commercial property a makeover with a new epoxy surface, do not hesitate to contact us at Painter Bros. With years of experience dealing with epoxy installation, we guarantee a clean finish that will last you a lifetime.