Mystery Solved! Here’s Why Painters Wear White

Why Do Painters Wear White?

White overalls, canvas pants, caps, or shirts have become so synonymous with painters that there’s a color named after them: painter’s white. This fashion choice is interesting because painters work with multiple colors, and let’s face it, white doesn’t do a good job of hiding stains and dirt. In fact, to most people, it would make more sense if painters wore black.

So, why do painters wear white?

It’s More Professional

Admit it; painters look more professional when they arrive at a job in all white. It shows uniformity and is visually appealing as opposed to everyone wearing different colors. White is also associated with cleanliness, and it gives the impression that the painter will do a tidy job.

It Acts As a Warning

The white color comes in handy because it cautions you not to touch anything. You know that there’s a painting job in progress, and you might get wet paint on yourself.

It Blends in With Most Colors

Light colors are often preferred for printing jobs, and they blend in well with the white overalls. This ultimately protects the painter’s uniform from staining. Painters can also bleach their whites without the risk of fading.

It Beats the Heat

The painting process may seem easy and smooth, but it’s actually hard and sweaty work. This is especially true when painters have to work outdoors during sunny weather. Dark clothes tend to absorb heat, but the white uniform reflects it, keeping the painters comfortable.

It Was the Painter’s Union Colors

There’s some historical significance to the white color. During the 19th century, white became the standard color for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades members. This was meant to set unionized painters aside from their non-unionized as well as distinguish painters from people of other professions.


White tends to draw people in, ultimately attracting more customers. This color is also associated with kind people and gives painters a good reputation.

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