What separates Painter Bros from the competition?

A few things are as daunting as picking out a painting contractor to paint your house. After all, this is someone you’ll be letting into your home. You need someone you can trust to not only breathe some life into the space but also respect the sanctity of your abode.

At Painter Bros, we can confidently say that nobody does it better than us. And here is why.

Roller painting a room

We are professional

There’s nothing that brings us more joy than that satisfied look on our client’s faces at the end of the project. As such, we make it our mission always to exceed our clients’ expectations.

On meeting our clients, we always start by going over their vision. We then do our research and brainstorm with our clients to come up with the best approach to handling it.

Our team of supervisors are always on site to diligently monitor the project through every step. And once the project is completed, we always  do a thorough inspection of our work, so everything is left tidy and clean.

We offer a wide variety of different services

We like to consider ourselves a jack of all trades in the painting world. Our wide array of services extends to every sector of painting, including:

  •         Commercial and residential interior painting
  •         Commercial and residential exterior painting
  •         Commercial facility maintenance
  •         Government painting

Other than that, we also offer facility maintenance services with a ready team of contractors to handle any construction.

We have vast experience

Through the years, we’ve invested a significant amount of time honing the craft. We know just the right kind of paints and brushes and painting techniques that will work best for each individual surface.

What’s more, every new craftsman goes through thorough training on the job to produce nothing less than exemplary work. It is this technical and hands-on experience that allows us to do the job fast and efficiently, without making mistakes along the way.

We are trustworthy

You can trust us to deliver high-quality work every time. We manage this by vetting and training each of our painters, ensuring that they know what they are doing before sending them out.

We use only the best quality materials and are devoted to always leaving a lasting impression on everything our bristles touch.

We are innovative

At Painter Bros,  we are constantly learning new techniques and keeping up with modern trends in the industry. And this affords us a level of creativity and innovation to deliver on any ideas you may have for your space (no matter how crazy).

Whether you wish to make your home or office space a little brighter or you want a bolder design to make a statement, our team is ready and up to the task of making it happen. We also offer our insights on the best strategies to use and the latest trends, styles, finishes, or colors to make your space incredible.


At Painter Bros, we go the extra mile for our clients. If you are looking for an all-rounded painter to fulfill all your painting needs, feel free to contact us today and get a free painting estimate.