Commercial General Contracting Services

two people shaking hands to decide What does the general commercial contractor do?

Commercial building owners and proprietors are likely to face some foreseen and numerous unforeseen challenges if they decide to go through with commercial construction and renovation alone. Managing any construction project, much less one involving large commercial structures, is an undertaking that necessitates having a lot of experience.

While the owner can opt to subcontract different jobs to different painting/construction companies or professionals, the inconsistency might hurt the undertaking. Issues like work stoppages, design flaws, and delays often bring the overall expenses up.

All this is why you should trust Painter Bros when it comes to all your commercial general contracting needs. We work within the timelines discussed with the building owners, remain within the previously discussed budget, and offer you options in terms of colors and materials used.

What does the general commercial contractor do?

The commercial building general contractor oversees your renovation or construction project. In addition to the dusty and outdoor aspect of the undertaking, they will also cater to the more clerical tasks like coordinating with the local officials, creating schedules, and balancing the expenditures.

Critical moving elements that an experienced commercial general contractor will manage include:

  • They will manage the actions of the subcontractors and funnel their efforts into achieving a satisfactory unified output. The budget and timelines are key areas to be assessed here to avoid any scheduling conflicts between the cement guys, the electrical team, or the plumbers.
  • Your subcontractors need suitable materials to do their jobs. It is the work of the general commercial contractor to ensure they get them. Furthermore, they can replace materials with their substitutes if required.
  • Supply chain delays are the biggest causes of on-site stoppages and delays. The general contractor streamlines logistics, ensuring operations are in line with the pre-agreed timelines.
  • Lastly, it is the job of a general commercial contractor to monitor the site before operations commence. It is an activity that prevents both the construction teams and building owners from getting blind-sighted in the long run. The contractor will have a look at the blueprints, budget, and building codes.

Perhaps, you’ve come across the odd, unending construction site. This is normally due to planning errors that can be directly linked to the capabilities of the general commercial contractor used.


Here at Painter Bros, we’re confident in our professionals, given our vast experience in the industry. We’ve worked on office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, and manufacturing premises. To ensure your commercial building goes swell, all you have to do is contact us today for a free estimate, and we’ll guide you through the rest. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.