Wallpaper Removal: Step-by-Step Guide


wallpaper removal


Wallpaper is a decorative substance (paper, fabric, or vinyl) that is placed vertically on the interior wall of a public space or private house. There has been a wide range of wallpaper trends over the years from linear wallpapers, printed wallpapers, foil wallpapers, to Bamboo wallpapers.

Patterns do not last forever though! 

There will definitely come a time when you will need to remove that old faded piece of décor and upgrade your interior design look. If you want to pull down that outdated pattern you are no longer fond of, follow these steps:


Safeguard your surface

It is advisable before you start the whole process to use painter’s tape to cover the wall surface that adjoins to the wallpapered section to protect it from the soap and water you will be using.


Try to scrape it off

Using your hands and other tools, try to peel it off the wall. Start at the edges looking for any weak or peeling spots. If it is secured tightly, start a section by scraping it with the help of a knife or thin chisel.


Spray the wallpaper with warm water

When you can no longer peel anything easily from the wall, spray it with warm water to help the paper detach from the wall.


Scrape some more

After the wallpaper is soaked, it should be easier to peel it off in larger chunks.


Wash and smooth the surface

After all the paper is removed, wash the surface with water and soap to remove any primer or paste still attached to the wall.


Refresh the look

At last comes the reward! Refresh the space with a fresh coat of paint. Keeping up with the ever-changing interior design trends is much easier when you hire someone to do the painting for you. If you are ready to give your space a refresh, contact us today.