“People think they are making a safe choice by painting a ceiling white. They think that will make it unnoticeable. But if you have bold colored walls and a white ceiling, that’s usually the first thing you see, because the eye is drawn to contrasts.” says color consultant Jill Pilaroscia.

The ceilings in our homes like to look styling too! Don’t ignore that fifth wall! In this post we want to discuss the different possibilities that ceilings have to offer. Of course it depends on the room, but don’t write off switching things up when it comes to looking up.

Classic White

Although this is a typical look for a room, sometimes white is the best option. When painting your ceiling white with walls that are a lighter color, the ceiling tends to blend in and the focus of the room is on the furniture and things hung on the wall. If that is your primary desire than a classic white ceiling is for you!

Match the Walls

This look does a great job to unify the room. But puts more of a focus on the furniture and room decor. If you don’t like the idea of making the whole room one color we suggest lightening the paint color for the ceiling to give it a little difference but still keeping that cohesiveness.

Complimentary Colors

Don’t be shy to choose a different color for the ceiling. We love this example! Although the colors are completely different and not in the same shade, they compliment each other.

An Accent Color

Choosing an accent color for ceiling gives the room a certain pop. It draws your eyes upward giving the space a more roomy appearance.

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