The Costs of Refurbishing Your Home’s Exterior

Vinyl home from curb, The Costs of Refurbishing Your Home's Exterior

How your home looks across the street is called curb appeal; it is pretty important. It’s why most people invest in exterior upgrades, such as installing new siding. Home renovation is one of the things that you can’t stop once you’ve picked up the habit. If you decide on either doing a full job or a few simple repairs, you need to know how much it’ll cost you.

Redo your front door

According to Ted Roberts, a style and design expert at Schlage, a new coat applied on your front door is the perfect welcome home from a long day outside. The color has to be balanced with other accessory options for a complementary finish. HomeAdvisor advises one to prepare around $10 to $80 for a quart of oil- or latex-based exterior paint. This should be followed by a new coat in a semi-gloss finish.

You’ll also require painter’s tape and exterior primer, caulk, sandpaper, paintbrushes or rollers, and tack cloth. The cost will vary if you’re painting a brand-new door. A vinyl slab door with an existing frame will cost you $475 and $6000 for specially-made bi-fold steel and glass, according to Cristina Miguelez – she’s a remodeling specialist at Fixr.

Painting the house’s exterior

You’ll have to be in touch with your inner handyperson for this one. Before committing to this project, touch up the paint trim around the house and get a ladder. The founder of Painter Bros, Zach Tanner, was quoted in Martha Stewart’s design feature saying the average homeowner spends over $5000 for a new paint job on the house’s exterior.

Painter Bros have a rate of $0.75 per paintable square foot. This is lower than $3.00 per square foot, which is 2021’s national average, according to HomeAdvisor. Minus important house features and structures like pillars, doors, and shutters, average homes have like 1,500 square feet of exterior paintable surface. For smaller houses, the average is around 1,100 square feet and an average of $3,000 square feet for larger houses.

Repair or replace siding

The lead interior design at Trendey, Andra DelMonico, says that replacing the siding will cost between $1 and $8 for every square foot, and overall between $3,000 and $13,000. Materials play a big role in these calculations. Cedar siding installations will cost $13,500 and vinyl installations cost $4,500. For solid stone siding installation, for an area of around 1,500 square feet, costs will come to $60,000.


There are home projects that are easy to do yourself, but some others need the experienced hand of a professional. To bring out the best from your house’s exterior, contact Painter Bros for that inspired touch.