The Best Painting Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

bed and side table with unique wall paint for The Best Painting Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

Perhaps one of the most important duties you have as a parent is creating an environment where your child can be comfortable and happy growing up. Something as simple as decorating their room with their favorite colors can significantly affect how they feel while in the space and contribute to their overall personality as they age.

The key here is to be creative and playful while choosing a color that will grow with your child. For instance, you can customize the room to depict their favorite cartoon or comic book character or add symbols that match their interests. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you smear the wall with everything from the swatch book, as this might overwhelm the space. You still want the space to look classy and elegant. To help you in your painting process, here are a few ideas for painting kid’s bedrooms.

Don’t dwell too much on the gender rule book

The two colors, blue and pink, have always been the go to for boys’ and girls’ rooms, respectively. But this archaic notion is slowly becoming outdated and disregarded. Blue can just as easily be perfect for your baby girl’s room. In fact, soft powder blue comes out especially pretty and feminine when dotted with hints of pink or other different hues of blue. And the same applies to pink too for your boy’s room. If you’re still reserved on the matter, you can opt to add small hints here and there of pink to your blues to spark a little contrast.  Alternatively, you can paint the room one shade, and then accent one wall with either a lighter shade of the same or a contrasting color.

Don’t be afraid to go neutral with your colors

As we stated earlier, you want a color that grows with the child, so steer clear from the shouting hues of blue and the sugary pinks you see in Barbie dollhouses. A warmer tone or gentle shade of pink is more classy and sophisticated. Neutral colors are also becoming increasingly popular. They not only feel grown-up but are easy to match with surrounding furniture and curtains. This way, if your child’s taste changes as they grow, you can easily change the color of the furnishings instead of repainting the whole room

Make up a statement ceiling

The ceiling is usually the last thing your child sees as they drift off to dreamland. You want to accentuate it so that they have something inspiring to dream about. A statement ceiling, in this case, can be anything from stenciled or glowing stars to a wallpaper featuring their favorite Disney character. Choose a design that transports your little one into a fantasy world of wonders and sparks their creativity growing up.

Try out different painting techniques

Another easy way to make the room unique is to employ different painting techniques on the walls. This can be stenciling, striped, faux marbling, sponge painting, rag rolling, or color-washed stippled walls. The good thing is that you can involve your child in this creative process, like pressing their hand prints in different colors on the wall to form random creative patterns.

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Painting your kid’s room can be a rather delicate affair. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a good color combination and experiment on a few outstanding painting techniques to make the space pop a little.

At Painter Bros, we have a lifetime of experience painting kid’s rooms all over the country. Through the time we’ve garnered enough insight to come up with the perfect blend of fun and elegance for a kid’s bedroom. So feel free to contact us today and chat with one of our professionals.