The Fourth of July is just around the corner and the stores are filling up with their red, white and blue gear for the big day! The colors of our country are iconic and go well together! So why not implement them in your home? Along with the patriotic look it is also very modern. We want to discuss the different ways you can use these 3 colors to renovate your space by using different shades, and ideas within the home of just where to splash these colors.

Ask not what your home can do for you, but what YOU can do for your home!

This is a great look to start off with. As you can see the room is painted a dark blue, with a white patterned accent wall. We love that the pattern uses that dark blue as well to tie all the walls together. Keeping with the theme they used a lighter shade of blue for the curtains, a white comforter on the bed and a red bed frame. The most used color in this room is blue but you can see that all the colors are still great accents to it.

The only thing you have to fear is an outdated house!

This bedroom is a beaut! The first thing that your eye is drawn to is of course the historic American flag. It is hung against a white ship lap wall that encircles the whole room. There is a nice break in the space with the navy blue painted ceiling, with a hanging white ceiling fan which does well to tie the ceiling to the wall. The beds are a nice dark blue and of course to add that extra umph! to the space is a the comfy red leather chair in the corner by the window.

Home of the Brave

Some might not be thrilled to have their front door painted a brilliant hue of bright red! However, does this house not pull it off? It draws attention to this home and would definitely stand out on their street. It is framed by a white trim and surrounded by cute shuttered windows. The whole home is a calm light blue with dark blue shutters.

God bless America, my home sweet home

Here we have another room with a dark blue wall. This space is more open and has great window space which really brightens the room. The floor is laid with a beautiful wood that gives the space a homey feel. It is paired with an even darker blue rug and parallel to the floor there is a long, red sofa with a navy blue & white striped pillow plopped on top.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of a happy home

We got ourselves here a cherry-tomato red painted room! Many people are skeptical when it comes to painting a whole room this color because red can be intense. This is a perfect room for this color because of the shelving unit that takes up most of one of the walls. The shelves are painting a clean cut white that gives a good balance with the red it is set against. This room is very patriotic with the stars and stripes(plaid) that come in all the colors we adore; red, white and blue. And of course we need to point out the tan carpet that is patterned with white stars!

A home of opportunity

This home exterior is similar to the one we showed above. The blue is very close in color however this one is tad more bright which draws the attention more to the blue than to the red door. However the red door is a great accessory along with the hints of red that are found outlining the white trim. The white railing is a nice touch that runs along the more calm and lighter blue painted stairs.