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Painter Bros is a full-service, insured, and expert residential general contracting company that offers professional residential services that you can rely on. We promise to provide our utmost dedication to the best outcomes when it comes to contracting, from minor home fixes to large-scale housing projects.

We will work alongside you in assessing, planning, and engineering the project. You can count on us to take care of all necessary permits and utilities, as well as efficiently and safely managing on-site personnel. For every step of the way, we will take charge of monitoring schedules and budgets and deliver detailed reports and updates regarding the project.

If you’re searching for “residential general contractors near me,” there’s no need to look further! The professionals at Painter Bros are always ready and willing to help you with your home remodeling requirements.


Painter Bros - Residential General Contracting


Why Painter Bros?


At Painter Bros, we are dedicated to honesty and integrity. Our customers are like our family. We will work closely with them to achieve the best possible solutions. We offer the most reasonable prices, and we always strive to delight our customers. Painter Bros only uses materials of the highest quality.



Painter Bros is founded on truthfulness and reliability, whether we’re working with customers, suppliers, or team members. Our love of building and construction is why we’re in the business. As such, we are committed to every project.


We have many years of experience and a proven track record under our belt. With our expertise, we promise that every project will be done correctly and with utmost professionalism. We ensure that we work with only the most reputable and qualified subcontractors and suppliers to achieve this. We also have professional engineers and licensed home remodeling contractors as part of our team, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.


Our past clients can attest to our trustworthiness when it comes to building and home remodeling. You can count on our team of skilled professionals to have the necessary know-how in all aspects of home remodeling.


At Painter Bros, we provide clients a complete service package by guiding them through every step of the remodeling process: from planning and design to budgeting and arrangement. We factor in every detail of the project from beginning to end, ensuring that the entire construction experience runs smoothly.


Consider Remodeling


Plenty of homeowners make the mistake of taking on a home remodeling project without knowing what to expect. To help you get started with the process, here are some things you need to consider:

Select Design Ideas – Before you begin your home remodeling project, it’s best to have an idea of the design you want. You can do this by getting inspiration from home decorating magazines, websites, or social media (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest)

Define How You Plan to Utilize the Space – Defining the purpose of the area being remodeled is vital for the project to be successful. This can easily be done by asking yourself what the space will be used for primarily.

Establish a Budget – Once you’ve decided on the design and how the remodeled space will be used, you will set your budget. The things you need to consider include expenses for permits, construction materials, labor, as well as decorations, and other aesthetic elements.

Hire a Contractor – The next step in the home remodeling process is to hire a residential remodeling contractor who will carry it out. Don’t let the cost estimates alone determine who you should choose as a residential contractor. Also, keep in mind to consider their years of experience, licenses, insurance, and references.


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Residential Remodeling Projects


Achieving your ideal home is within your reach. Painter Bros is here to help you turn your dream into a reality. Whether it’s to raise your home’s value or give it a fresh look, there are plenty of remodeling projects that you can choose from.


When Is the Best Time to Consider a Remodel?


As a rule of thumb, the best time for home remodeling is usually during the summer months. Finishing projects on time is easier because of long, sunny days. Nevertheless, there are also cases where some remodeling projects can be done efficiently at other times of the year.

Home remodeling demands flexibility and planning. The process will be smoother if you plan correctly and are open to adjusting your build time. This is because the supply of your required materials and the availability of your contractor are both essential in determining when’s the best time for home remodeling.


What Are Your Options?


  • Interior
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Texturing
  • Exterior
  • Siding Replacement
  • Concrete Repair work
  • Door Replacement
  • Window Replacement
  • Gutter Replacement


Whichever remodeling project you pick, we promise that the result will be a space in your home that you’ll be proud of.



Frequently Asked Questions about Residential General Contracting


What Are the Steps of Remodeling?

Before you commence your home remodeling project, here is the typical order of activities:

  • Planning and Design
  • Demolition
  • Rebuilding
  • Mechanicals
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Final touches
  • Clean up and Disposal


What’s the Difference Between Renovating and Remodeling?

When it comes to building and construction, renovating means restoring something to its original state. On the other hand, remodeling means making something new.


What Should You Not Do When Remodeling a House?

Here are some things you should NOT do when taking on your home remodeling project:

  • Don’t begin without a clear idea of what you want to achieve
  • Don’t neglect local building regulations and codes
  • Don’t endanger your safety for a quicker or cheaper home remodeling project
  • Don’t go overboard with your budget.
  • Don’t begin without a schedule


What Is the First Thing to Do When Remodeling?

Planning a home remodel entails plenty of things that need monitoring. As such, the first thing you need to do in effectively preparing for your project is to make a plan.


When Remodeling a Bathroom, What Comes First?

Bathroom remodeling can be among the most challenging projects since many things cannot be moved. As a result, the first step for this process is putting together a proper step-by-step renovation plan so you know exactly what you are getting into and you understand your anticipated costs.


Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Add On?

Remodels are often less expensive than building an addition. However, this may not be the case if you’re remodeling a much older building. Average costs for expanding the footprint of your home can range anywhere from $140 to $180 per square foot.


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