Don’t forget about the gutters

The gutters are often overlooked when carrying out regular home maintenance. Just because you don’t frequently think or actively watch them doesn’t mean they’re any less important than, say, the walls or the floors; gutters and the roofing set-up at large are core parts of the home.

In addition to adding to the property’s aesthetic qualities, gutters direct rainwater, as per the architect’s machinations, ensuring the walls, roof, and landscaping are protected. Yet, the gutters themselves also need sorting out. Debris and dust in rainwater and the leaves shedding from nearby trees will clog these channels up.

man cleans leaves

Why should you clean your gutters regularly?

A clogged gutter fails to satisfy its purpose of being there – channeling water away – however, that’s only the beginning. There’s a host of other problems associated with this. Your home’s overall integrity is at risk.

Here are a couple of reasons for regularly getting those gutters in top condition:


1. The damage to your roof

The blockage of gutters and downspouts by leaves and other debris hampers proper drainage of rainwater. The plugged-up water will overflow the gutters and cause damage to the roof. You’ll have to cough up quite a bit for repairs, and at worst, only a complete overhaul of the roofing system will save the home.


2. Breeding ground for pests

Leaf-clogged gutters are homes for insects, birds, rodents, and disease-causing pathogens. This puts your family and other residents at unnecessary medical risk. Not to mention, who wants to host guests with rats and mice running around the house?


3. Clogged gutters destabilize the house’s foundation

Gutters are designed to direct water away from vital parts of the house; the house’s foundation is such an area. The gutter-overflow may drip or flow near the foundation, causing water to pool there. When this water expands and freezes, especially during winter, it causes cracks in the foundation.


4. Clogged gutters bring down the value of the home

Beauty sells; this is a fact of life. Clogged gutters will stain exterior walls and rot the roof. It goes without saying that if you decide to sell your house as-is, you’ll make a figure way less than if your gutters were in order. If you haven’t been unclogging those gutters, it’s prudent to reconsider your cleaning schedule. Repairing those gutters to improve your home’s curb appeal won’t come cheap.


It isn’t written in stone how often you should clean your house’s gutters, but doing it every spring and fall will prevent future renovation headaches. Better yet, use the services of professionals to ensure the cleaning is thorough. They’ll also give you an updated status on the condition of your home’s roof. Contact Painter Bros today to schedule a cleaning or if you have more questions about our services.