Painting Your Home’s Exterior the Same Color as the Neighbor’s

Painting Your Home's Exterior the Same Color as the Neighbor's

Imitation is the best form of flattery. While this is true in most situations, your neighbor will likely not be too thrilled if you paint your house the exact color, shade, and style as their place. So, what do you do when you just can’t help loving their choice of color? You tweak it a little, that’s what.

Read on to discover how you can pick a similar color with the next-door neighbors and make that hue all yours.


1.  Accents are everything

A little subtlety can alter the entire landscape when it comes to colors. If you’re worried your neighbor will think you are a copycat for using a similar hue to them, shake things up a little by using accent colors to call attention to the house’s architectural details.

Think of how you can use paint to highlight the intricacies of the exterior molding trim. Furthermore, painting your choice of accent color on a hidden carving or structure will emphasize its presence.


2.  Use 4-6 different colors

Using three colors on the body of your house, the trim, and the shutters is the norm. So, if you want to break the monotony, especially if you’re borrowing your neighbor’s color scheme, utilize one, two, or three additional colors. These colors can emphasize dormers, shingles, or any other architectural detail. A color consultant can help you pick colors that blend well with the initial three.


3.  Use the outliers creatively

Structures beside the main house, such as a shed or a pool house, are great places to experiment with different colors. Even as you go with your heart on the choice of color, try to use a color that’s not too jarring to look at compared to the main home.


4.  Be bold with the front door

Painting the front door is a great way to break from the color palette of your neighbor’s home. It is a pretty affordable way of using a bold color you like on the house. Another advantage of this approach is that once you’re willing to sell the house, repainting it a popular color with buyers will also be relatively inexpensive.



The heart wants what it wants. If you love your neighbor’s work with grays, greens, creams, or any other color, there are ways to borrow a leaf from their design book while still adding a dash of your personality to the mix.

Yet, it’s always advisable to let the pros handle the project. At Painter Bros, we have a team of licensed, trained, and experienced professionals who are well-versed with the current industry trends. We’ll work together to transform your home to your liking. Reach out to us today and schedule a free estimate.