Best Colors for Commercial Wood Paneling


Wood paneling has made a comeback in design. It’s not just about keeping the weather out of living and workspaces. It’s about bringing the exterior inside and expressing different feels, or transforming traditional plain walls by adding interest and dimension. For instance, shiplap, plywood’s predecessor, is installed by hand which makes it possible for people to feel the craftsmanship, it is natural too and textured. You could also go for other wood paneling types, like board and batten or reclaimed wood. Whichever you choose, the big question is whether you should paint it and which colors to choose. We’ll help you decide that here.


Should You Paint Your Wood Paneling in Your Business Space?


The simple short answer is, yes! Painting the paneling livens up the space, makes room for you to incorporate your brand colors and keep up with helpful color trends. Which Colors are the Best? The color choice will depend on your services, and how the color components react on wood. Here’s a list of safe colors you can use for most businesses.

  • Creamy Shades of White. Alabaster and white dove, for example,  are not a pure white shade. They have a softer dash of cream that instantly brightens up the space, making it welcoming. These colors would be perfect for your reception area.
  • Surfboard yellow. Yellow stirs innovativeness and creativity. The surfboard yellow color is toned down, which is perfect for inviting just the right amount of energy for business in the creative scene and engineering.
  • Council bluff gray. This gray tone bears sophistication, dependability, practicality, and thoughtfulness.  It works well for consultancy, and helps you create a clutter-free illusion in your business space.
  • Greige. This is a mix of beige and grey. This color will apply to lots of business spaces, including jewelry shops and educational settings. It’s so multi-use, it doesn’t matter if your business space is small or large.


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