Painting Nurseries for New Born Babies

Nursery Room In The Evening, Painting Nurseries for New Born Babies

Welcoming a tiny new member to the family is always an exciting experience. Whether you have weeks or just days until your newborn comes home for the first time, your priority will be to get their nursery all nice and prepped up in time for their arrival.

Now, the best part about painting a baby’s nursery is that you can let your creativity run loose. Remember, this is a place where your baby (and you) will spend most of their toddler years. You want it to be a safe, serene space that still sparks their imagination as they grow.

To help you in your journey, here are a few ideas on how you can transform your baby’s room into a safe toddler heaven.

You can never go wrong with pink and blue!

While more contemporary designs tend to lean to neutral colors, nothing says ‘baby on board’ quite like the traditional pink and blues. Here is how you can still incorporate pink and blue hues into your baby’s nursery and make it classy.

Tickled Pink

Cliché as it might be, pink comes out especially nicely for baby girl rooms. It brings a certain lightness and brightness to the room, making smaller spaces look more spacious. On top of that, pink has been proven to induce a calming feeling and increase your child’s compassion as they grow.

To break the monotony, you can add some accents of gray or polka dots of blue or harmonize it with candy-colored shades like peach meba or carribbean pop. To modernize it, you want to keep the accessories and furniture neutral or in their natural wooden shades.

The Cool Blues

Blue has long been the go-to for baby boy rooms. So if your heart is set on going with blue, try and go for lighter shades of the color. It adds a calm, relaxed element to the space that will soothe your baby to sleep. To add a little pizzazz, you can incorporate complementing hues like pearl green or light shades of gray.

Neutral tones

Now, if you want to stay gender-neutral or don’t know the sex of your baby, you’d be better off going for neutral tones. A good example would be using gray as the primary background color, then sprucing it up with brighter colors like yellow, orange, and green. Yellow brings about an air of cheeriness and joy to the room. It adds a certain warmth to the room that’s reminiscent of the sun’s rays, which can increase your child’s motivation and focus.

The best part about neutral tones is that they grow with your child, meaning you won’t have to repaint every couple of years.

Take away

It is no secret that the colors you choose for your baby’s nursery can drastically influence the mood and physical wellbeing of your little one. The good thing about the colors we’ve mentioned above is that they’ve been tried and tested over time and proven to affect kids positively.

Still, while your aim is to keep it fun, you don’t want it to seem like you are doing too much. The trick is to pick one or two base colors for the walls, and then balance it off with different colored furniture or accessories.

For this and more advice on color selection or painting tips, feel free to contact us at Painter Bros and chat with one of our professionals.