We are blessed in this day and age that there are paint stores within minutes of our homes with thousands of different colors of paint to choose from. You can bring in an item of a color you like and get it matched in a matter of minutes. But what do you think it was like for those who were first on the Earth where the only options for color they had was in the nature that surrounded them.

Humans have always had a desire to decorate the space where they lived. They used whatever they could find that offered a vibrant color. They used natural substances like black soot, and plants mixed with animal blood and fatty oils.

Painters have been a part of this world for a long, long time but when they were first recorded as an organization or group was in the 14th century. In the beginning painting professions were distinguished by a “Painter’s Company” and a “Stainer’s Company.” The recipes they found for applying paint and stain were hid from the rest of the world so as to protect their company so that they could receive all the business. After a few hundred years the two groups eventually merged and became the “Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers.”

As time went on and the Pilgrims voyaged from Europe to America the religious practice of Puritans was started. It was cultured that if you painted your home it was a show of vanity. Painters and stainers were no longer needed as this was considered a sin and immoral. In the 1600s a preacher took a stand by decorated the interior of his home with paint and was charged as a criminal as this offense was sacrilegious.

We are all grateful that time went on and color was permitted to splash the walls of the homes in America! In the great year of 1718 Marshall Smith invented a machine that would grind up natural materials to create a color used for painting. And thus more and more new color hues and shades were created for the benefit of everyone!

You may have seen this painting company before, but did you know that it was actually the very first company to produce and sell ready-to-use paint? Harry Sherwin, Alanson Osborn and Edward Williams formed the well known company Sherwin, Williams, & Co. in Cleveland Ohio. Poor Alanson didn’t get his name in the title, but nonetheless all the hard work that was put into this company’s success was well worth it. Henry Sherwin later was able to create a tin can that the buyers could reseal for a later use.

And while this company was at the top of it’s game a new up and coming company named Benjamin Moore started working on it’s own painting inventions in 1883. They put all their focus on the chemistry behind the colors that would give customers the ability to create and find the exact color that they are looking for. All their hard work paid off as well in 1982 when they were the first to successfully design a computer based color-matching system.

After learning the history of paint it’s hard not to be grateful for all the effort that was put into creating a paint that is good quality, long lasting and just the right color you want! We have total control in our very own space to be the artist and our home is our canvas!