Room Compass & Artificial Light

painted living room with artificial lighting

Light sets the mood and gives your room a perfect ambiance. Therefore, you cannot afford to pick the wrong artificial light or paint. Fortunately, you can consider factors such as the room compass to come up with the perfect picks.

Here, we look at the relationship between the paint, room compass, and artificial light. We analyze how you can incorporate the three to set up a perfect room ambiance and mood.


Picking the Perfect Paint Color Depending on the Room Compass


The direction to which your room faces determines which colors you can use to create the perfect room ambiance and mood. For instance, if your room faces north, you will need a paint with a strong color. These rooms are naturally darker. Your color options include gray, green, or lavender.

Cool and warm colors are perfect for rooms facing south. These rooms are usually filled with more natural light and are easy to decorate.

For rooms facing east, watery blues and greens colors would be your perfect fit. These rooms change gradually during the day depending on the direction of the sun.

Rooms facing west usually have warm light in the evenings. Picking white colors and Middleton pink can give you the perfect combination.


How Artificial Lighting Affects Paint Color


After finding the perfect paint for your home (depending on your room compass), finding the perfect artificial light is your next step.

Fluorescent bulbs produce unmistakable blue-tinted light. Using this for rooms facing north is a good idea as it matches with the paint colors used.

Halogen lights are almost similar to natural light. They are perfect for rooms facing south. They blend well with both warm and cool paint colors such as pink scarlet, peach, amber, and sienna. It is important to test your colors first because halogen lights tend to cool down colors sometimes.

For consistent warm light together with yellow or amber undertones, incandescent lights are your best option. Incandescent light makes colors such as orange, yellow, and red to appear brighter. On the other hand, it makes cool colors such as blue and green to appear muted.


Hire a Professional Painter!


Combining factors such as the room compass, artificial light, and paint color to come up with the perfect mood for your room is not easy.

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