Cabinets are found in every single home. They are imperative for storage and bring a beautiful design element to the space. While there is a large variety of what color your cabinets could be they are generally segregated into two categories. Painted or stained. Not sure which one you prefer? Not problem, keep reading and hopefully you’ll get a better idea of what you like!


Painted Cabinets

If you are looking for a clean, sleek kitchen design, painted cabinets will be the way to go. We are talking about those beautiful white kitchen cabinets that all of us simply just adore!

Especially if you aren’t a fan of the character marks that come with the wood cabinets. The paint creates a smooth surface that gives it a nice even appearance. Although white painted cabinets are most common don’t be afraid to venture out and try something different!

Choosing white or neutral colors creates a spacious feeling in a kitchen. But if you would like to add some character to your cabinets you can add different shades to give it an antique feel.

You can defy all the status quos and choose a pure black. It is very modern and while it masks the character marks in the wood when you look closely they also give the marks great depth. Be careful to choose a lighter color for the counter tops and the back splash.

This is a great example of experimenting with the color wheel. This color is a cross between a green and grey.

Brown is an elegant color that is warm and inviting. While it doesn’t bring a brightness to a room it is powerful in a space!

If you can’t decide which color you like better no worries! Choose both! As long as they look good together, of course!

Stained Cabinet

Staining your cabinets is a great balance between color and texture. Stain is so thin that it seeps into the wood which darkens the deeper marks.

The dark stain is stunning! Wood is such a homey piece of furniture that it really brings a down to earth feeling to a home.