As if picking out the perfect color for your home isn’t tough enough, but deciding the type of sheen to go along with the room is a significant factor. The rule of sheens is simple in the fact that it goes from the most glossy/durable to the least glossy/durable. Each one has a different capability to abstain from damage, dirt and mess.


This is a money saving option because this type of paint is easy to spread and covers a larger area. However it is not durable, in fact when it is cleaned do not be surprised to see some paint come off as well. Instead of reflecting light, bringing a greater brightness to the room flat paint absorbs the light. It is still beautiful and great for any space especially in an adult’s bedroom that is free from little kid messes and high traffic.


Just like an eggshell this sheen is mostly a flat with little luster. Like the flat sheen, it does well to cover large areas and also covers imperfections.


This is a beautiful sheen that appeals to the eye, it has a nice texture and spread but unfortunately does not do well to cover bumps and imperfections. A great plus is that it is easy to clean which is perfect for high traffic areas such a kids rooms and living/foyer areas.


This type of sheen works well in areas where is there is a lot of moisture and a possibility of water damage. It’s high durability is great for areas like baseboards, trim, etc. which are often in danger of scuffs and damage.

High Gloss

This option is the most durable and shiny of all the sheens. It does the best job to reflect the light and also cleans the best which is great for those who have children with sticky fingers and wild ideas. Many do feel that high gloss can be too overwhelming for interior paint that is why most people use it for their trim and baseboards because it draws the attention to the white outline. However you have to be careful when using this sheen because it shows every tiny imperfection.