National Facility Maintenance

generic corporate retail building with parking lot to depict a place that could use National Facility Maintenance

As busy commercial property owners everywhere will agree, care for their facilities is something that can go unaddressed at times. And frankly, with all the ups and downs, managing all other aspects of your business, it’s easy to miss when something needs to be repaired or upgraded. Corporations with multiple locations distributed all across the country are even more difficult to manage and maintain interally. Without realizing it, you end up with chipped-up old premises that repel potential customers and personnel alike.

For this reason, most people in business today prefer to assign all the building maintenance, contracting, renovations, and painting up-keep to the able hands of professional painting and commercial property services. Well, nobody does it better in the USA than Painter Bros.

Leave it to Painter Bros!

We are readily available and eager to support our customers all across the country with any contracting services & facility maintenance, including interior and exterior painting needs, electrical & plumbing repairs, inspections & upgrades, and more. It doesn’t matter how big your organization is; once you sign a contract with us, we will dedicate our best resources to ensure that all your facilities are in pristine condition all the time.

Typically, our contracting process begins with our clients requesting a proposal or estimate. We then go ahead and inspect the property and then brainstorm with our clients to get a clearer vision of the project before starting on development or doing any repairs or paint job.

Paint, General Contracting, Facility Maintenance: We Do It All!

As our name suggests, we specialize in all matters paint. For years, we’ve had our expert hand managing and transforming both local companies and large chains all over the country, rejuvenating them with paint and vibrant colors. All our painters are extremely skilled and dedicated to their work, always striving to leave behind masterful works. And by taking up our contracting service, you can afford this to all your facilities.

But it doesn’t just stop at paint. Through our time, we have encountered all other aspects that go into facility maintenance and improvement. We know how best to protect, enhance, and improve your property’s value. Our facility maintenance services include:

  • General repairs, inspections, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Drainage and plumbing
  • Electrical and infrastructure repairs
  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Surface coating and specialty finishes
  • Developing an in-depth maintenance plan to keep your commercial facility constantly protected


At Painter Bros, we hold our reputation as the number one national commercial painting contractor with the highest regard. Using our coordinated system of operations, we are able to achieve consistent results for all our clients’ properties all across the country while maintaining standards throughout. We enjoy our work and find joy in our clients’ satisfaction.

So if you are looking for an expert painting or maintenance service to manage your facilities anywhere in the US, feel free to contact us today and enjoy our expert services today.