Using Metallic Finish To Make Homes Or Businesses Sparkle


Metallic Paint & Metallic Finish in modern looking room

Using Metallic Finish To Make Homes Or Businesses Sparkle

We all want to live and work in vibrant and emotive spaces. For most people, this will involve adding new latex paint and new wall color(s). While this will work, what’s the fun in moving with the crowd? Taking the path less traveled and going with metallic wall finishes will be a breath of fresh air for your premise(s). This type of finish will make even normal-looking rooms sparkle thanks to its ability to coax out the lingering ambient light.

How are metallic finishes and metallic paints different?

All metallic wall paints are, in fact, metallic wall finishes, but not all metallic wall finishes are metallic wall paints. Wall finishes can fall into either one of two categories – solid metallic wall coverings or metallic wall paints.

More often than not, metallic paints are water-based in nature for easy clean-up and application. It differs from normal paint in its solids constitution; its solids contents include metallic-looking flakes or bona fide non-tarnishing metal. Despite its differences, it’s applied in the same way as other paints – by brushing, spraying, or rolling.

Metallic wall coverings, on the other hand, are plastic-backed wallpapers or heavy-weight paper. They come in rolls with widths of 18 – 24 inches and lengths extending from floor to ceiling. Like metallic paints, its metallic sheen results from incorporating metal flakes into the coverings, or sometimes glass.

What are some of the common colors used?

A touch of shimmering copper, brass, and gold can transform your house’s appearance from glum to glam. The glimmer derived from how light bounces of the metallic wall finishes will make your rooms look tastefully bold.

Most people think of silver, copper, or gold when giving their walls that sleek metallic upgrade. However, with numerous metallic wall finishes available and in all manner of hues, the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Be subtly striking

The danger with using metallic finishes is that the line between glamour and ostentation is very thin. A soft-touch approach to using metallic wall paints is applying them on trims and molding. Golden hues applied to these areas make your house classy without looking like you’re trying too much.

Matching these finishes with the walls is key. If you have silver on your moldings and trims, then let the rest of the wall surface be purple or emerald – the contrast here will be complementary.

Experiment with striped walls

Striped walls are an underrated interior decorative technique that adds some pizazz to your business or living quarters. Metallic stripes create an air of chaos-less activity in the room. Furthermore, like in clothing, horizontal stripes make the room appear bigger.

Metallic paints work best in formal settings. The office dining area would be a good place to incorporate this styling method. The stripes retain the room’s official feel but with an artful sense of whimsy added.

Use color-wash for depth and texture

You can use a neutral color with a metallic finish to color wash your rooms’ walls to add depth and texture to your spaces. It makes the room appear dynamic and artistic. To enhance the sparkle of silver color wash walls with off-white, blue, or grey colors.

You can bring out the sparkle of a bygone era by matching gold finishes with purple, orange, or yellow colors. Also, remember that contrasting tones carry the most visual impact.

Tips for prepping and painting

Honest Abe said that if you give him six hours to chop down a tree, he’ll use the first four honing the ax’s blade. Before you begin applying the metallic paint, carry out proper prep work, and get all the materials and tools you’ll need. These include:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint rollers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tarps
  • Spackling
  • Paint trays
  • Primer
  • Stir sticks
  • Rags
  • Paint extender
  • Metallic paint

Follow these steps after bringing together all that you need:

  1. Lay down the tarps, clean the walls, and fill in any dents and cracks with spackling. After this, paint the walls with primer and then let it dry.
  2. When doing metallic solid wall painting, the last thing you need to see are lap lines after you’re done. Using an extender will increase the metallic finish’s drying time, giving you ample time to smoothen out these lap lines.
  3. Use rollers to paint big areas with metallic paint and brushes to paint around the edges and corners.
  4. Use the roller to smoothen lap lines. Paint from the wall’s base upwards, in a single direction, for the entire wall section.
  5. Repeat this for every other wall.

How you choose to bring out your rooms’ shine is up to you. However, of all the finishes available, metallic ones do this the best. To achieve this perfectly and professionally, contact the team at Paint Bros today.