Making Your Backyard Deck Oasis

Making Your Backyard Deck Oasis

Imagine this; it’s a gorgeous sunny day, the sky is blue, and the warm breeze blowing is just right. You figure it’s a perfect opportunity to lounge on your backyard deck, only to go outside and have your good spirits dampened as the deck is dingy and outdated.

Your home is more than just the interiors. The deck is a major part of your house; it’s where you grill burgers when family and friends are over. To make it an accommodating space for guests and a restorative oasis for yourself, follow these tips and transform your patio for the better.


Deck staining

There are a couple of ways you can use deck stain to transform your deck. You could decide to go with a solid stain. It works similar to the solid paint color you apply on walls; no wood grain will be seen at all. Alternatively, you could go the other direction with a semi-transparent stain or a translucent one. Different wood types absorb color differently, so get a professional opinion before going all in.


Ideal flooring options

There’s a flooring option for everybody; you just have to look for what works with your house. It doesn’t even have to be real wood.


Composite decking

Using current technology, you can get an elegant, realistic wooden appearance without the pitfalls of handling traditional wood; it offers the best of both worlds.


Outdoor tile

A wood patio or one laden with stone patio tiles oozes effortless elegance. Yet, you might be surprised to hear that a good percentage of these decks aren’t made from wood or stone in the literal sense but tile. Not only can the porcelain exterior tiles be customized to resemble the real thing, but they’re also more durable. Get tiles with a PEI rating that’s practical for your home.


Outdoor carpet

Outdoor carpets come in different types and varying textures. Plush carpeting would be a cozy option on covered decks, while grass carpeting can be comfortably used on outside areas not exposed to the weather. Choose an option that handles rain well, is stain resistant, and feels good under your feet.


Prioritize privacy

An oasis isn’t an oasis without a certain degree of privacy. While your neighbors might even be your best friends, sometimes you need some time to yourself to relax and recharge. There are a few options available.

A fence will regulate how much of the outside world can access your backyard. If you already have one, but you still need more peace and quiet, then consider getting a gazebo. You could also construct a pergola if you don’t have one and hang vines or drapes to offer an extra layer of protection from strong UV rays and prying eyes.



Your backyard deck can be your getaway spot. It only needs you to do a little due diligence to achieve it. If you consider yourself a DIY-er at heart, then, by all means, take a crack at it. However, if you simply don’t have the time or aren’t willing to risk messing things up, contact the professionals at Painter Bros. Our on-site estimates are free!