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There’s nothing more refreshing than the fresh mountain air and the beautiful sunshine in the city of Evanston, Wyoming. Our team of experienced painters in Evanston, Wyoming love working with both residential and commercial property owners in the area to complete painting projects with a beautiful mountain view in the background. Painter Bros has been working in Evanston, Wyoming for years to provide residents with exceptional painting services and an unmatched dedication to customer service. Unlike other painting companies in the area, the team at Painter Bros focuses on more than just getting the job done. Our team strives to help each client bring their ideas to life by taking the time to discuss ideas before beginning the project and provide feedback based on our years of experience and knowledge in the industry. By helping individuals to select the best paints, colors, and finishes for their projects, our clients are more satisfied with the end result and are left with a longer-lasting paint finish. In Evanston, Wyoming, Painter Bros provides both interior and exterior painting services to businesses, homeowners, and commercial properties. By using professional equipment and high-quality paints, each painting project is completed efficiently and always meets our high-quality standards. If you’re looking to take on a tough painting project alone, such as a kitchen cabinet painting project, or if you want to update the colors of some interior or exterior walls, contact Painter Bros today. Our team in Evanston is always available to answer any questions and provide valuable information for your painting project ideas.

Exterior Painting in Evanston

Exterior Painting in Evanston

Painter Bros specializes in exterior painting in Evanston. From a full exterior renovation to updating the trim on your porch, our professionals are there for you.

Interior Painting in Evanston

Interior Painting in Evanston

Whether you're updating your bathroom or looking for a complete redesign, Painter Bros will work with you from design to completion to make your vision for your home a reality.

Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

We offers commercial painting for Evanston businesses and organizations. Let us help your business look its best!

Commercial General Contracting in Evanston

Commercial General Contracting in Evanston

Whether it is a design-build, a company’s standardized design, or a specialized one-off design, we provide Evanston with finished products on time and within budget.

Residential General Contracting in Evanston

Residential General Contracting in Evanston

Painter Bros residential general contractors are your home remodeling professionals in Evanston. We organizes and execute residential remodeling projects and incorporate specific design and architectural ideas to provide a homeowner with a better living experience, either by adding space or making better use of an established space.

Why Painter Bros of Evanston?

The Painter Bros Difference


Every time we are finishing up a project, we will walk through and inspect our work to make certain that everything is clean, tidy, and that you are pleased with the work we have done. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Our craftsmen are trained to produce prompt, quality work. Knowing the right brushes and paints for a surface or the right techniques for refinishing your cabinets does make a world of a difference.


All of our painters are properly vetted and trained. This ensures that all jobs are warrantied and insured through the company and not a third party. Our high-quality work originates from our own training, experience, and drive for excellence.


We have worked and brainstormed with numerous customers on a wide variety of projects and can proudly say that we have the creativity and innovation to solve the question of how to brighten up your home or office space from performing simple color changes to full repaints.

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Interior Painting Evanston WY

What Can I Expect?

Painter Bros specializes in interior painting services in Evanston. These projects can involve anything from a single bedroom color swap to a change in the whole house’s color scheme. We know the inside of your house is special to you and your family and will be sure to respect your privacy and protect against scratches, excessive dirt, and unwanted noise. Our crew will inspect your home assessing the square footage, surfaces, and need for scaffolding or other equipment.

Interior Painting Evanston WY

Once assessed we will work with you to come up with a schedule for the project as well as let you know of any requirements such as for sanding or drying time. Smaller projects can usually be completed in one day and most other projects within a week. We work hard to maintain a schedule and are sure to clean up thoroughly when done so that you can have your home back as soon as possible. Call us today to get started or learn more about interior painting services.

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Exterior Painting Evanston WY

Add Value To Your Home & Boost It’s Curb Appeal

Painter Bros of Evanston has helped many homeowners up their curb appeal with an exterior painting project. Not only does exterior painting improve your home’s aesthetics though, it also helps protect it. Our crew can help assess and decide what type of paint might be best for your exterior based on the conditions and types of surfaces.

Exterior Painting Evanston WY

Depending on the conditions, we might suggest a cleaning before the start of the project. These projects are often easier to schedule than interior projects, however, we will still be sure to work with your schedule and respect your home. Most exterior painting in Evanston needs to be done around summer-time because of temperature so be sure to book early! Call us today or learn more about exterior painting services.

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  • I had a painter name Diego de Los Angeles. He was amazing. I wanted to paint my white vinyl windows black and found out it requires a very special paint (only 1 available option in the country) and Diego is the only painter in Utah who has used product before and can do it. He did a great job. I am am extremely […]

  • Just an excellent job done by Painter Bros! Francisco and Luis Dickson did an awesome job! They painted our exterior brick which included removing shutters, etc. alot of prep work and they had such an attention to detail, asking questions to confirm what I wanted done...

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Yes, you can either provide your own paint or we can give recommendations on design, color, and type of paint.

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About Painter Bros of Evanston Painting Company


Evanston is a Corporate owned location, and is currently not franchised. Even though this location is not franchised it is still actively servicing customers. Painter Bros maintains the highest level of integrity and a relentless focus on quality and world-class service for every customer. If you are interested in purchasing this franchise please fill out the request form below.

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