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Interior Painting Company In Central UT

People are naturally observant, and with keen observation comes judgment. The kind of reputation created in the minds of people visiting your home or business depends heavily on the kind of interior setup you have going on. You can trust Painter Bros for a variety of interior painting services. We have the expertise and years of experience necessary to transform your residential or commercial structure into a place you can be proud of.

We believe in delivering top-quality work at rates that are affordable to the residents and business owners of Central Utah. In addition to providing our customers value for their hard-earned money, we also ensure our clients are with us every step of the way. Our dedicated customer service ensures you're in on everything we do, from repainting the entire interior to even simple jobs like trim works.

You can rely on our professionals at Painter Bros for floor-to-ceiling painting, applying epoxy coats on your floors, delicate cabinet finishes, to services like drywall repair and wallpaper removal. If you reside in Central Utah and have a home or business in Enterprise, Gunlock, Ivins, Lindon, Newcastle, Old Irontown, Pine, Shem, Valley, and Veyo, feel free to contact us today for a free estimate.

Interior Residential Painting

Interior Residential Painting

Whether you're updating your kitchen, bathroom or living room, or looking for a complete redesign in Central, Painter Bros will work with you from design to completion to make your vision for your home a reality.

Interior Commercial Painting

Interior Commercial Painting

We are experts in commercial painting for Central businesses and organizations. Let us help your business look its best! Painting the interior of your business can attract more customers and increase the property value!

Industrial Painting & Finishing

Industrial Painting & Finishing

Painter Bros in Central UT offers various painting and finishing services to industrial warehouse and manufacturing facilities. If you are looking for safety line painting, epoxy floors, or any other coating for your industrial building, call us today.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Painter Bros of Central provides the best epoxy floor application in the city. Our experienced painters and contractors are knowledgeable and skilled at the art of epoxy application. If your Central business needs epoxy floors or tables, call us today.

Bedroom Painting Services

Bedroom Painting Services

The bedroom is a place for comfort and relaxation. The tone of the room should reflect that mood. Painter Bros has the experience necessary to create a space worthy of rest for all of the bedrooms in your Central home.

Bathroom Painting Services

Bathroom Painting Services

Whether there is water damage, plans to remodel or just a need for a fresh coat of paint. Painter Bros of Central can bring your next bathroom project to life! Check out our gallery of beautifully remodeled and painted bathrooms.

Laundry Room Painting Services

Laundry Room Painting Services

Whether it is carefully crafted or an after thought in your home's design, the laundry room takes a lot of wear and tear. Let the Painter Bros of Central create a bright space that makes chores a little more cheerful.

Basement Painting Services

Basement Painting Services

Don't let your basement be left in the dark. Add some color to bring a bit of cheer to your guests' downward descent in your home. Basements are often the hangout spot for guests or a sanctuary for projects. Get the basement of your Central home painted today!

Hallway Painting Services

Hallway Painting Services

The hallway might not be considered a room of the house, but it very much needs the same level of detail to the areas it leads to. Painter Bros of Central has the expertise to help you select the right paint for your hallways and apply it in the perfect manner.

Staircase Painting Services

Staircase Painting Services

While it can be time consuming and require lots of detail, painting stairs makes a wonderful impression. Let Painter Bros of Central take this project off your hands and give you a set of stairs worth bragging about.

Interior Door Painting Services

Interior Door Painting Services

When adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior rooms of your Central home, don't forget about those doors! If it's wood doors, french doors or just a regular solid wood door - Painter Bros can make it look brand new!

Cabinet Painting Services

Cabinet Painting Services

A solid coat of paint can bring new life to your cabinets. If you don't have the time or the money to start a demolition project, turn to the professionals at Painter Bros of Central to give your cabinets a fresh new look!

Baseboard, Trim & Molding

Baseboard, Trim & Molding

Attention to detail is extremely important when it comes to baseboards, trim and molding. The painting professionals with Painter Bros are the perfect choice when it comes to adding these finishing touches to your Central home.

Why Painter Bros of Central Utah?

The Painter Bros Difference


Every time we are finishing up a project, we will walk through and inspect our work to make certain that everything is clean, tidy, and that you are pleased with the work we have done. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Our craftsmen are trained to produce prompt, quality work. Knowing the right brushes and paints for a surface or the right techniques for refinishing your cabinets does make a world of a difference.


All of our painters are properly vetted and trained. This ensures that all jobs are warrantied and insured through the company and not a third party. Our high-quality work originates from our own training, experience, and drive for excellence.


We have worked and brainstormed with numerous customers on a wide variety of projects and can proudly say that we have the creativity and innovation to solve the question of how to brighten up your home or office space from performing simple color changes to full repaints.

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Interior Painting Company in Central

What Can I Expect?

There are a number of reasons to repaint the inside of a home or commercial property, but the most crucial is that paint deteriorates over time. Repainting your home or business will make it appear new and fresh, and this boost in appearance will almost certainly result in an increase in the number of consumers. Painter Bros specializes in interior painting projects. These projects can involve anything from a single bedroom color swap to a change in the whole house’s color scheme. We know the inside of your house is special to you and your family and will be sure to respect your privacy and protect against scratches, excessive dirt, and unwanted noise. Our crew will inspect your Central home, assessing the square footage, surfaces, and need for scaffolding or other equipment.

Interior Painting Company in Central

Once assessed we will work with you to come up with a schedule for the project as well as let you know of any requirements such as for sanding or drying time. Smaller projects can usually be completed in one day and most other projects within a week. We work hard to maintain a schedule and are sure to clean up thoroughly when done so that you can have your home back as soon as possible. Call us today to get started with adding a beautiful new coat to your Central home or learn more about interior painting services. Painting the interior of your home or business with the right colors can improve your mood, so you can be more productive during the day and improve your mental health! We can help reduce air pollution while still being able to apply a new coat of paint. Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to increase the value of your home or business.

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Frequently asked

Your Questions Answered

Yes, you can either provide your own paint or we can give recommendations on design, color, and type of paint.

Commercial painters often charge $2-$6 per square foot or $60-$100 per hour. If your property is large, as many in this business are, you should hire a professional.

Painting an interior requires more preparation than painting an exterior, especially for a commercial business. Any equipment and furniture that is near the desired painting area must be moved and surfaces must be protected to ensure your operation is not affected by the job.

Depending on the climate, an interior commercial paint job will typically last 5 to 10 years. Because interior painting is frequently done in high-traffic areas, the coating utilized must be durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

A newly painted or refurbished interior can improve its worth by 5%. Painting the interior will enhance value depending on the paint quality and how much prep work is required to remove noticeable surface damage.

Choosing high-quality paint that will protect the building and last a long time is very important for the appearance of the interior. It will help attract customers and bring them to your establishment. The Painter Bros team members are experts, not only with application, but also with the knowledge of which paints and coatings are most appropriate for each type of surface.

Interior paint jobs typically cost around $1.25 per paintable square foot with Painter Bros services, while the national average is $3.50 per square foot in 2021, according to Home Advisor.

Trying samples first is one of the most important things you should know about interior painting. You should never skip this step as it will help you judge how a color will look on specific surfaces or rooms in your property.

As long as they are applied by expert professionals, interior paint jobs can last about five to ten years.

According to a survey by HomeGain, painting the interiors of your property results in a 107% return on investment or ROI.

The most common interior paints are flat, eggshell, high-gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. The decision of which to use for each surface will vary depending on preference, but Painter Bros is prepared to make recommendations based on our expert knowledge and experience.

About US

About Painter Bros of Central Utah Interior Painting Company

Zach Tanner

General Manager

Growing up with a rich history in the industry has definitely helped advance our company and make them one of the top companies in the state. Having a family full of Painters/Contractors has been a huge help to me. I have been involved in the construction industry for 5 years now, and have specialized in painting and finished carpentry for the majority of that time. Having been born here in Utah gives me lots of connections, and pushes to maintain a 5 star reputation. I have professionally painted in over 5 states, and have left every customer just as happy as the last. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

95 East 140 North | Lindon, UT

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