5 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Paint Styles


Navy kitchen cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are must-have structures in modern kitchens. If choosing the right color style for your kitchen cabinets is on your to-do list, you should consider the most timeless styles that you will be happy with now and many years to come. The following are kitchen cabinet paint styles that will withstand the test of time:


Cobalt or Navy Blue

Give your kitchen a sense of richness or luxury by painting these blue shades. The dark blue cabinets create timeless sophistication and a stylish flair keeping your kitchen on-trend.


White Cabinets

For every kitchen, white cabinets have been a common style and choice for many decades. White color fills your kitchen with a clean and fresh look that colored appliances can well accent. Choose white color as your timeless cabinet color, and your future will be guaranteed.



Are you amongst them that cannot part ways with gray colors? Here is a good option for you. Rather than painting that traditional gray color, you can also opt for greige, a mix of beige and gray. These colors are very neutral to be able to compliment many appliances and colors within the kitchen.


Sea Green

This color style has saved many people from frequent repainting. Sea green is versatile and can go with everything, including white, beige, black, and other wide colors. This color is serene and creates a feeling of tranquility.



There is a notable move towards darker and moodier colors and grounded in nature. Black cabinets, edgy but very classic, pair perfectly with a lot of things in your kitchen.


Many people are gravitating from eyesore and frustrating colors to a range of other impactful cabinet hues. If you intend to paint your cabinets, and you are troubled in selecting the best option for your painting, we have you covered. Contact us For more information.